Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Fit the Sidepull

Here's a nice video on how to fit a sidepull - this video is from the Buckeroo Leather site and is the same model sidepull I have (mine also has a throatlatch), so Pie and I will try this out today and see if we can get a better fit.  It pretty much answers my questions about noseband placement and the proper tightness of the jowel and chin straps.  (EvenSong - you were right, it was much too low on his nose.)  I'll take a picture and we can compare to my picture from yesterday.


  1. Again, good info.
    I did use mine incorrectly too, at first.
    I am glad that they have made these "how-to" videos.
    Every horse's head is differently shaped, is what I have discovered using my "Nurtural" on various mounts, I get to ride.
    Alot of readjusting!

    Kate- how ever did you decide??there were sooo many of those headstalls to choose from!

  2. Kate--you may have already said this--and I'm sure you have, but it's hard for me to keep track of all the details--my question is, does he neck rein? Sorry if this is a redundant question. :(

  3. allhorsestuff - I liked this one for a couple of reasons - I had seen Mark Rashid use it with a young horse at a clinic and it looked like it worked very well and was well made, and I wanted a Western-style headstall to go with my Western-style horse! Now that I have it, it's very well-made and customer support and service from Buckeroo has been excellent.

    LInda - not only does he neck rein, but he neck reins really well - all you have to do is slightly move the reins and turn your eyes. He's also sensitive to the slightest leg and seat cues - he hasn't been spoiled (in the bad sense) in any way.

  4. Well that was an interesting video. I think I may have had Baby Doll's half breed side pull a little low, too. She really flun her head up high when wearing it.

    The only thing I'd change about the buckeroo sidepull if is the triangle straps were adjustable, too. Some horses aren't as long in the face from jowl to mouth.

    But wouldn't Pie look amazing in a Bosal? Now that is truly a great western look. :)



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