Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nothing Special

Nothing special - which means it was a very good day with horses.  The temperatures were in the 40sF today for a change, with sun and some wind, so it was a pretty good day for a ride.  By the time Pie and I went out, the trails had even thawed up a bit, so we did lots and lots of trotting.  We were out for over an hour by ourselves, and he was a very good boy, although he was somewhat high-headed and nervous on the way towards home, but still responsive.  When we got back to the barn, we did some work at the trot in the arena on patterns around the cones - he was more forward that usual which helped.  I'm going to delay doing any softening work with him until the dentist works on his teeth this week.

Then I rode the Dawn mare.  As I was bringing her in, Misty was snorting and running, and Dawn flagged her tail and was prancing too, but still paying attention to where I was - good mare!  I brought Misty in to her stall so she'd stop running - she's obsessed with Dawn - and she was doing quite a creditable piaffe every time we stopped.

I fixed up the Mattes pad with two front shims on each side and tried the dressage saddle - it was better but I need even a bit more shimming in front.  Dawn and I did a brief refresher on standing still on a loose rein at the mounting block - she was pretty full of herself as we hadn't ridden for almost two weeks.  She pretty quickly got to standing still on a loose rein as I mounted.  We did small circles in both directions for a few minutes - she was ready to rock and roll and I didn't want that - and she started to calm down a bit so we were able to do some good pattern work at the walk around the cones in various directions.  She was even relaxing and we were on a fairly long rein with very light contact - I wanted her to stretch down and relax, which she did.  I could have probably done some trot work, but decided to leave it there as she was doing so well.  Sometimes, perhaps, I'm a bit conservative with Dawn - she can be explosive and having her be relaxed and calm is a major objective.

Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, may be another riding day.


  1. Another good day in the saddle. Pie just gets better and better. I'm happy to hear Dawn relaxed so well considering everything. It shows all the training you've done with her has really paid off.

  2. Good boy Pie... good girl Dawn... well done Kate :)

    A great day to ride - hoping for another tomorrow too!

  3. Glad you tried the you have anymore shims? Glad to hear that you had some time with Dawn. It sounds like Pie is really getting comfortable out there by himself. it should get warmer here tomorrow too.

  4. fingers crossed for another sunny day then, and that daun just keeps on getting better!!
    it sounds like you're doing great with her, keeping her interested with new things, whilst keeping her calm and sane at the same time!

  5. Sounds like a good day to ride both of them. Pie is an amazing young horse and Dawn is well trained to listen even when she wants to rocket off. I'd have ditched the trot too, better safe and relaxed with work at the walk. What a good girl.

  6. So nice to have 2 good horses to ride! Hope you get lots of riding in this winter, then next year you and Pie will be ready for some serious trail riding.


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