Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pie and Dawn Pictures and More Trail Riding Fun

Now for all of you who've been asking for Pie pictures, here are a few I took this morning at turnout time (and of course there are some of Dawn too).

Here is Pie coming over to the fence - he was the only one out at that point:

Here's the extremely kissable snip in close-up:

Here he is looking over the fence at Dawn - you can see his distinctive Roman nose:

And here's Dawn looking back - she was unusually interested in him this morning - they got to sniff noses and she thought that was pretty interesting:

Here Dawn's biting a handy post, perhaps in lieu of biting Pie or just out of frustration that she couldn't get closer:

Now she's spotted the other mares coming to turnout:

And she's off:

Here's Misty running to greet her:

Then the mares did some running and cavorting - Dawn did a number of her signature moves including huge rears and bucks, but all I caught was this:

Pie (on the left) greeted Scout (on the right) and Fritz (in the middle) as they were turned out (that's Jill of Buckskin and Bay trying to constrain Scout and that's my shadow in the lower left corner):

Here they are from the back - I love the contrast of light and dark and the sets of ears:

It was a beautiful day - frosty early and quickly warming up, with hardly any wind, so Pie and I went on a trail ride with Jill and Scout as well as Sugar and Charisma.  Here are a couple of pictures of Pie just before we set out (I'm keeping a halter and lead on right now in case I need to dismount and lead him for any reason):

He's pretty fussy with his mouth right now, I think because he needs his teeth done and also because he's probably still shedding caps as he gets his permanent teeth.  I'm ordering one of these bridles and will probably ride him in that until his teeth get done.

We rode for a fairly long time - at least an hour - and did lots of trotting.  Pie was very well-behaved, although he had some trouble keeping up at the trot with Charisma's and Scout's very fast long-strided trots - he keep saying "but I'm supposed to do a relaxed slow trot that can go all day!"  He's also a little short-strided - sort of floaty but with more up and down.  But even when he fell behind a bit while trotting, he didn't fuss or try to break to a canter/lope, he just kept trotting.  His gaits will improve somewhat as he learns to soften and engage his core instead of sticking his head up in the air, but I'm not doing any softening work with the bit because of his teeth.  The leather sidepull will be just the thing so we can get some softening work done.  That's just young-horse stuff, and he's got the conformation to use himself better than he does now.

As we came to one fork, Scout and Charisma broke off to go another way.  I deliberately took Pie with Sugar - he's pretty attached to Scout who is a member of his herd.  He clearly would have preferred to go with Scout, but did what I asked and went with Sugar.  We did more trotting on the way back to the barn, and he continued to be great even though we were heading home.  When we got to the barn, Sugar went inside and I kept riding, up and down the trails adjacent to the barn.

Pie called and called - I think he was torn between wanting to go back to the barn and wanting to find out where Scout was.  We trotted back and forth, and did some standing still as well.  He continued to call, but the worst thing he did was shake his head once in frustration, nothing else, and he still did everything I asked although he was anxious.  Then we went into the arena and did some circles and figure eights at the trot, after side-passing up to the gate, unlatching it and dragging it open.  We continued to work as Scout and Charisma came back to the barn, and then finished up with a brief lope up the grassy incline behind the barn.  I dismounted out there (I dismount somewhere different on every ride) and led Pie back, telling him again what an excellent horse he is!


  1. aw sounds like hes settling in really well. His Roman nose is so cute.

  2. YAY Pie!! He's so adorable. Love all the pix!

  3. All the pictures are great. I love his roman nose too. My favorite picture is the three of them standing together, they look like they are having a conversation about what they'll be doing for the rest of the day.

    He sounds like a great trail horse and he can only get better. When I first got Dusty she did that small all day jog but with training she's really learned to extend. You two are going to have so much fun.

  4. What a good boy Pie is!! I am so impressed with his attitude so far.

    And I might add, he really does look "young" in some of the pictures which leads me to believe he definitely has some physical maturing to do yet. Bet it's going to be a lot of muscle.

  5. What a good baby! Must be so hard for him to leave his friends in a new unfamiliar place, but sounds like he's doing a great job of paying attention to you, for the most part. So glad you found yourself the right horse Kate!

  6. I love that first picture of him! His color looks gorgeous!!

    Sounds like he's doing really well on the trails and adjusting to his new surroundings.

  7. What a good boy! Good idea with the sidepull - I bet you'll both like it :)

  8. Sounds like a great ride.I will be interested to see how he goes in the sidepull.I have a filly who is very uncomfortable in most bits I have tried.Had a dentistry and still not great ,tried a French link Happy mouth which seemd a little better but it is an O ring and I prefer and egg butt(they don't slip around as much.Just got the egg but french link in so will try that

  9. Let me know how that side pull works for you. I'd LOVE to get Bonnie out of a bit but want to try a bitless before I invest in one. Unfortunately I don't know anyone around me that has one.

    The smile on your face says it all Kate!

  10. Jean - interesting you should say that about him looking young - he does to me too, although he's mentally pretty mature already. I'm thinking he's going to fill out and muscle up a lot over the winter into next summer - but here's hoping he doesn't grow any taller, only out!

  11. Pie looks gorgeous. He sounds like he's enjoying his new home :)

  12. Thanks for the pictures! He has got quite the profile. Handsome boy!

    Glad to hear he's settling in well and is so willing. I know you'll give him the time he needs to get through his herd bound issues. It great to hear about you getting out on trail!

  13. You gotta love the snip! So cute.

  14. Love all of the pictures! I think Pie has a very cute face.

  15. Very kissable snip--and glad to know I'm not the only one guilty of nose smooching.

    He sounds awesome, Kate! Congratulations!

  16. Sounds like a great day for all... Yay! :o)

  17. Your photos are so wonderful - especially the kissable snip one! Your rides on Pie sound perfect. He is a very good boy and trusts people - even new people, to treat him well. Warning - lots of love and attention (like you are giving!) grows big horses! I think love actually adds more height and girth than food. At least it seems that way with our Pie and Sovey!

  18. He is the bestest pony ever!!!! :) Love the piccies!

  19. Great photos of the gang, and a good ride too! I like Pie's bump, it's more like the Iberian sub-convex profile than a true Roman nose. And indeed a kissable nose!

  20. Sounds like a great ride with your handsome boy. I love his Roman nose and his snip.

    Good idea dismounting someplace different each time. With my first horse I didn't know to do that and Baby Doll was already barn sour, but was just confirmed each time I dismounted beside the barn. It got to the point that she would try to head to the barn and then refuse to move until I dismounted. Took me a while to help her unlearn that habit...mostly by heading back out on the trails again, or working in the round pen.

    Oh and it's a great idea to keep the halter on anytime you head out on the trails...you just never know, even with experienced horses, if you'll need to lead them. A bridle could break or you might need to pony your horse.

    Some people don't like to keep one on their horse because they believe it detracts from a pretty bridle. But even keeping a halter and lead attached to a saddle or inside a saddle bag is a good idea.

    During Competitive Trail rides judges will sometimes even give extra points for riders who have a halter on their horse, because it's such an important safety item to always have.


  21. He is such a cutie. I love his little roman nose. Adorable!


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