Saturday, November 13, 2010

What It Means to Be "On the Bit"

Glenshee Equestrian Centre has a very interesting post on what it mean to be "on the bit".  This is a subject of much confusion, I think, in many parts of the horse world, including among many so-called "professionals".  This post is definitely worth a read no matter your style of riding, and really captures the spirit of "softness" and what that entails in terms of communication between horse and rider.


  1. I've read her post and it's a good one, I've recommended it too. "On the bit" is such a confusing subject but this post makes it easy to understand.

  2. I have bookmarked this blog to add to my list because, like Grey Horse Matters said, her writing is clear and understandable. People sometimes use terms interchangeably or use terms that don't make any sense to those of us trying to figure all this out ;o) I have a tendency to give more rein than necessary (because I'm a good mother who gives my horse what he asks for ;o) and I don't have a connection between "front and back." That's another poser: Connection.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I'm always a little confused when I hear the term, although I use it :) (I THINK I understand it).
    There's a lot more to it than people generally include with the term. Good stuff.

  4. thanks for the kind words and the link! i really appreciate it :-)

  5. The term is relative to just how much contact each individual horse prefers too. I switched over to eggbutt snaffles for my TB's mostly because they seem to like a steadier bit with less movement so they can take a more solid contact. I think Chance is going to prefer a softer "holding hands" with me.

    Good post with a nice explanation.


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