Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crunchy Snow

We had a couple of inches of new snow last night, followed by a bit of freezing rain.  The result was the most amazing snow - there was a thin crunchy layer of ice on top of the soft snow.  Walking on it makes a wonderful sound.  The ice wasn't thick enough to make walking hard, and it didn't leave sharp edges as you broke through the crust.

Pie had ice dreadlocks in his forelock and mane this morning - I wished I had brought my camera, but it was still misting a bit and the camera wouldn't have appreciated the moisture.  The temperature was about 35F so all the horses went out without sheets or blankets - they really enjoy this, particularly those like Dawn and Fred who often wear blankets.  Dawn thought the crunching sound was alarming at first - she picked her feet up very high and was snorting.  Once loose, she did a lot of trotting around and running with her tail in the air.

All the horses were excited - there was running, bucking and chasing for a little while before everyone settled down to the round bales.  Even Fred galloped from the gate.  Horses seem to really enjoy snow, particularly fresh snow.  Pie had a nice roll - all the way over.  He got up and shook himself and sauntered back to eat hay.

A very good day in the world of horses!


  1. I seem to remember, from way back a thing we used to say about a horse rolling. The horse was valued for each half roll $500, but if he got all the way over he was worth $100) for each full roll.

    I have no idea where that originated, and I can't seem to find it when I Internet search. I guessing it might be one of those old wives tales or a horse dealer thing, implying that the fatter horse could roll over, but a skinny, high withered one couldn't?

    Well, just thought I'd add that since Pie's value seems to be increasing each time he does something cute!! *G*

  2. I've heard a similar "tale" about rolling all the way over. We always cheer them on when they roll - all the way over, all the way over - and generally, they comply. :)

    We so rarely have the kind of sustained cold that allows us to enjoy the different qualities of new snow - it snows, then by the next day it's melting and because we don't usually get *that* much anyway, the ground is just beneath so it's soon a brown or red clay mushy mess.

    I bet the horses do love rolling in the dry, clean snow that's deep enough to be soft and not wet.

    Have experienced that soft crunch a few times and it is indeed lovely.


  3. I think of rolling all the way over as horse self-chiropractic - it sure looks like it feels good. I suspect a horse that rolls all the way over has to have some athleticism as well. It doesn't seem to depend on wither height either - my mare Promise had high withers and would always roll all the way over - unfortunately she was also one who always tried to get herself cast and had to wear an anti-cast roller all the time to prevent her from rolling all the way over in inappropriate places like right next to a fence. She was a very smart mare but seemed to have a blind spot about that.

  4. I agree that horses seem to like snow. All of mine get feisty with fresh snow, too.

  5. Isn't it funny how they love to roll in the snow? I'd think it would be too cold! But they do enjoy it.

    It sounds like a beautiful prelude to the holidays. :)

  6. Send that temperature this way! Right now the sun is out and I am loving it. How is Pie doing living outside with his run-in?

  7. I love watching horses in the snow. They're so pretty and silly and fuzzy.

  8. Lori - Pie is doing well. He's less anxious about being separated from the other horses and his hock sore is almost gone.

  9. Giddeyup, Jingle Horse, pick up your feet! Don't you love the cold, snow frolicking? What fun! they must feel free and look so beautiful. I like the snow--especially in the ring because I always figure if I go flying, the snow might make a nice mattress to fall on. We don't have any snow yet--I wonder if what you have will be headed our way soon.

  10. I love the way you describe the snow! I can shut my eyes and see them enjoying themselves ... just makes me want to go outside and frolic too!

  11. We get so little snow here, and only get that crunchy snow every few years. It is the perfect snow for sledding!!

  12. aww super cute!!! I'm sure Jack wouldn't know what to do with himself if he found himself in snow. He's a sub-tropical horse, thats for sure. Hope your winter is not long :D

  13. A very good day indeed!
    I would have loved to have seen photos of them all galavanting in the snow :)



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