Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pie Adjusts

Pie's been out in his paddock now for two nights.  He clearly wishes he had another horse out there with him.  On the first night he did some running and calling, although not a lot, and on the second night he spent some time pacing up and down the fence line.  But he's settling down, and I expect each day will be better, although he's very grateful to be back with the others at turnout time.  The weather's been pretty cold, with wind chills below zero at night, and there's some evidence that he's been using his shed, and he's drinking well from his heated water trough.

The paddock had some grass and weedy (non-toxic) stuff under the snow, and the first night he spent quite a bit of time digging in the snow and eating the bits he found.  That, plus the anxiety of the first night, gave him some loose manure, but that had cleared up by the middle of the next day.  This morning, his manure was normal and he'd eaten his hay almost completely, which means he wasn't eating as much of the grass/weeds - I wouldn't put it past him to be smart enough to associate what he'd been eating with not feeling so well and to have decided to eat the hay instead.

This morning his hock sore was dry and scabbed over - I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that.

So far so good!


  1. I hate being patient and waiting for them to settle in. I feel like I am never completely settled until I see that they are OK and used to the new situation. Oh to be a horse mom! lol So glad that hock sore is dry- hopefully it's on it's way to healing. Being out of the stall should hopefully help :-/ although one of mine gets one from being OUT (annoying- I know).

  2. I'm sure he'll get used to it. It's too bad he can't have a friend with him to keep him company. If we leave someone out at night they seem to prefer to have a friend stay out for a sleep over. Glad he's eating his hay now instead of the weeds it should help to keep him warm in those temps. Good luck with the hock sores.

  3. It seems Pie is adapting well. Hard to say if being alone is ideal for him, but he'll let you know. He might grow to appreciate time by himself with lots to eat and all that freedom to move about unhindered and unherded.

    Good luck too with the hock sore. I guess those "perfect" boots weren't so perfect after all. Too bad.

  4. Pie is such a sweet and smart horse. I hope he is doing better now. It is a worry when we make changes. I always wish I could convey my good intentions so they don't have to fret even one day. I hope his hock continues on this path.


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