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Dawn's Pedigree and a Bit About Lily's

Pie and Drifter got a pedigree post, so Dawn deserves one too. Jean was certainly right in her comments on my last post - you can't ride a pedigree.  But that doesn't matter too much when geeky fun is in order.  I was one of those children who, even before I had a horse, would obsessively read every book on horses I could get my hands on, including most of the classic horse stories.  But I always especially loved books on the different horse breeds and on famous horses from the past.  This fun with pedigrees is continuing on in that vein.

Here's Dawn's pedigree.  She doesn't have a "fashionable" TB race horse pedigree, but more of an old-fashioned one, I think.  She did race several times as a three year old - she had a June birthday and was very small - only about 14.3 hands when we got her at 4 - but was a bleeder (knowing her, probably because she tried so hard) and was retired from racing.  She eventually matured to about 15.1 hands.

Her sire is American Standard - Dawn looks just like him (although he's racing thin and she certainly isn't):

He was a half brother to Exceller and Capote, sharing the same dam, Too Bald, who won Broodmare of the Year honors.  American Standard was the least successful of the 5 stakes winners produced by Too Bald, winning $180,000 in 31(!) starts. Too Bald's sire Bald Eagle was by Nasrullah:

Nasrullah's sire was Nearco:

Nasrullah also appears in the dam's side of the pedigree, in this case through Nashua:

Too Bald's dam Hidden Talent won the Kentucky Oaks, and Hidden Talent's sire was Dark Star, who won the Kentucky Derby and in the process was the only horse to ever beat Native Dancer.  Here's Dark Star:

Dawn's paternal grandsire goes straight back to Man O'War twice through War Relic and War Admiral.  Here's Man O'War:

And War Admiral:

Dawn's dam has Native Dancer twice:

Farther back in her pedigree there's a couple of instances of Display, through Discovery, and there's quite a bit of Bull Dog in there too.  Here's Discovery:

* * * * * *
We only know about half of Lily's pedigree.  Her dam was a QH, and we know nothing about her, not even her name.  Lily's sire was an Oldenburg called Fascination - Lily looked in her younger days quite a bit like him, particularly in the head, neck and shoulder:

Fascination's sire was Furioso II, a very famous sire of show jumpers:

Lily is know for her ability to put her head up in just that manner when she's excited.  Fascination's dam goes back to the stallion Absatz:

One of Lily's more  famous relatives is her half-uncle Voltaire - here's a video clip showcasing his jumping ability.  When we got Lily she had barely jumped and we didn't know what we had, but we quickly discovered her jumping prowess - and she loved, loved, loved to jump.  She and my daughter were just getting going when Lily had to be retired from competition due to heaves - this is a photo from their last jumping class - Lily's saying "ho, hum, this fence is really small":

We don't know anything about Norman's pedigree - but then who needs a pedigree if you're Norman?

* * * * * *
Pie and I got in a nice 45 minute trail ride with Scout this morning - it was about 20F with almost no wind.  Pie had to do lots of trotting to keep up with Scout's long stride at the walk.  He was feeling pretty good - I got a bit of head-shaking early on in the ride and one small attempt at a crow-hop when we were doing a stretch of trotting in the lead - but he settled down pretty well by the end of the ride.  I figure if he's this good in the middle of the winter at age 4 1/2, he's only going to get better!


  1. Looks like she's got a lot of beautiful and wonderfully balanced horses in her background!

  2. I love looking at my mare's pedigree... she doesn't have much to get excited about, but it's still fun.

    Your horses have some nice bloodlines!!

  3. If your Norman, who needs a it!!!

    Dawn and Lily - gorgeous and no wonder!

    That Pie is the best ever - and as you say - only getting better!

  4. Really really neat posts. I just love seeing all of the pictures.

  5. Wow, American Standard is stunning. He looks (to me) like he'd make a lovely dressage partner.

    Val goes back to Man o'War through War Admiral as well :)

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog! I've been reading for quite a while, but now I've made it official and become a follower. Congrats on Drifter!

  7. I agree - when you're as cute as Norman who needs a pedigree??!!

  8. Looks like Dawn has some good old American breeding there. A bit more in common with my Tucker than my Toby, I think.

    I agree, it is fun to look into the pedigrees, and certainly, good breeders swear by them.

  9. If you look at my gelding and his mother (Pic on my avatar), you wouldn't think she could have birthed him. He's 16 hands, she's 14.3. She's built like an old type QH, he looks TB. But I looked further back at some horses from her pedigree, and darn it if he doesn't look just like a number of the TBs. Of course, there's his sire too, who has Three Bars and a couple other TBs. It's funny though, that he looks more like the horses further back in his pedigree than the ones much closer.

    Thanks for that link. It was fun.

  10. It is so neat that you can trace their pedigrees back that far!! All I know about Jimmy is when they found him, abandoned with the other 3 weanlings there was a paint stallion outside in a field on the property who they "think" was dad. THRILLING!

  11. Speechless has quite a bit of lineage in common with Dawn, going back to Man O' War through War Admiral on top, Nasrullah through Bold Ruler and Nasomo on top and Bold Ruler again on bottom, and Discovery on the top and bottom waaay back. How cool! I admittedly know embarrassingly little about pedigrees, but it's really neat to find names even non-horse people know in hers. Thanks for putting these posts up! I've had her papers forever, but never really took more than a cursory glance at them...and now I've spent hours looking up the stories behind some of her lines!

  12. Very cool to read about! And WOAH at Lily in her prime that is pretty awesome!!

  13. Researching the pedigrees is fun but it's even better to turn up pictures of horses in their past.

  14. I thought having a pedigree and being registered was really important before I bought Baby Doll and it was something I wanted because I believe it would help my horse maintain her value. hah!

    The only thing a pedigree is good for is breeding horses when choosing appropriate sires and dams.

    My mare had quite an amazing pedigree and it was fun to peruse it sometimes. It also helped me realize why she had some of the issues she had, too.

    Apache has no papers and pedigree and I know nothing about her past. Sometimes I wish I did, mostly because of her mutt-like appearance. It would be interesting to know what breeds of horses are in her background.


  15. Oh I love that you're as geeky about pedigrees as I am AND you used photos!

    Bar has Bold Ruler and Man O'War, and Lena has Man O'War, too, even though she's a Paint. Someone (Bar?) has Bull Dog in there, too.

    Forrest, well.. Forrest View has some bad puns in his lineage--and Man O'War in there, too.


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