Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ears Have It

Here we are in the depths of winter, and not much riding is going on.  So, just for fun, a parade of ears!

First up is Norman - I love how the hair on the inside of his ears is a paler while the hair on the outside is more chocolate:

And here's Lily - her ears are enormous and very mobile and expressive:

Maisie has delicate ears, and when they're pricked they make a lovely shape:

Dawn's ears can be more alert than any horse I've ever met, and she's often (almost always) focussed on something:

Except when she's skeptical:

Or asleep:

Pie's ears are very shapely, and I love their rich red color, and I'm fond of his long forelock:

The ears have it!


  1. I love how horse ears tell a story. Very few horses can disguise their moods when their ears tell so much.

    And, by the way, you have some really cute ears to show off, there. *G*

  2. A fun post , and some good looking horse to go with the ears!

  3. I agree with Jean ....the ears say so much and you can really tell what state they are in. No hiding a mood with ears like a horses

  4. Great pictures of their ears. We were watching the herd today and commenting on the ears too and how each one was thinking something different. Amazing how much information can be gained by watching the ears and their positions.

  5. Thanks for your parade of ears! Brian (my husband) is obsessed with horse ears and cat ears. He call them "semi-cones" and he loves to imitate (with his hands) the ear reaction by our horses and cat. They are so reactive to everything!
    I love that our horses "pump" their ears when they are drinking.
    My favorite part of the blogging horse world is all the photos with horse ears at the bottom. There is something so perfect about looking through a horse's ears.

  6. Your horses have fabulous ears - great pictures!

  7. My favorite view of a horse's ears is the one from the saddle! You are right about how expressive they are. When I walk in with my 3 mares it's always a good idea to watch their way.
    Like that last shot of Pie.

  8. That's funny timing, I was just doing some ear observation and comparison myself the other night. All of the horses had their heads out of their stalls and all I saw was pair upon pair of cute little foxy QH ears...and then Dee. Gosh she has some of the biggest Arabian ears I've ever seen. And I love every mile of them!

    Great pictures!

  9. Love the ears! :) I think a horse's ears add so much character. Some of mine have really cute, small, curved ones, and others are long and floppy, but they're all cute to me! LOL

  10. Love the ear shots! One of my favorite parts of the horse... second only to the muzzle! :)

  11. Kate, Great parade of photos! Makes me more observant of horse ears!


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