Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photos of the Work

I almost always work my horses alone, which means that I rarely get any photos of the work we do together.  Next year I'll try to do better at recruiting photographers.  For now, I've gone back to some of the softening posts and added in the few photos I have.

In post 3, I've added a few photos of Dawn backing in hand in the bridle - we were also working on one step back, which will appear in post 6, and in post 4 I've added some pictures of ground tying, standing and waiting under saddle and Dawn working on standing still at the mounting block.  As I do new posts, I'll put in the photos I have.  And, when there are new photos, I'll add them in as well.


  1. Sweet! Sounds good. I love your softening posts by the way. I don't think I ever said so. :)

  2. Great - thanks for doing that. I know what you mean about trying to get pictures while working alone - very tough!

    Wish I was closer - I'd be happy to be your photographer! :-)

    Thanks for the softening posts - they are very informative.

  3. I know what you mean--photos are important for a blog--but who wants to stand there everyday and take pictures for us? I've never tried to use the timer on the camera--but maybe that would work if it was positioned in a good spot. Of course, then you'd have to go back and forth--which would kind of ruin the purpose. Maybe the video setting?

  4. The pictures do help. Perhaps you could find someone who is interested in learning from you who would repay you by taking pictures while they watch and learn?


  5. Tough to get a photographer and also tought to remember when you are doing the work to take pics.

  6. Getting pics is tough here too. I'm always thinking about the pics I wish had been taken after something "cool" happens.

  7. Good idea with the photos, that always makes it easier to understand. Hope your photographer is available for ongoing pics of the work you're doing.


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