Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colder Than Cold and Another Scout Boo-Boo

This morning was -9F (-23C), so the horses didn't go out.  There was supposed to be more wind, and I'm hoping the wind chills won't be as bad today as they were expecting.  Inside the barn it was 6F (-14C), which is the coldest I can remember it ever being.  We've had longer periods of even colder weather, but with only 8 horses in the barn instead of the 12 or 13 we used to have, the barn gets colder.  All the horses but Pie and Charisma are blanketed inside at those temperatures.  Pie and Charisma were both comfortable - their fur was lying flat - when it stands up the horse may be beginning to feel a bit cold even if not shivering.

Pie and Scout got a few minutes in a nearby turnout with some hay and a heated water tank, and did some running around and playing, while I was hand-walking Dawn in the barn aisle for about 10 minutes.  By noon I expect the temperature will be up a bit with wind chills still somewhat below zero, but we'll probably put the the horses out for at least a while.

It seems to be the week for Scout boo-boos.  When I brought Pie in and went back to get Scout, Scout hadn't come to the gate and was standing there licking his left knee.  Hmm . . .  Whenever a horse is behaving in an unusual way, I give them an extra checking over.  Sure enough, although there didn't seem to be anything wrong with his knee, there was blood on his left front foot on the inside just above the heel.  It looked as though he had overreached and caught himself on the heel while they were running.  Perhaps he tweaked his knee a bit when he stepped on himself, but he was standing on the leg just fine and walking normally.  I wiped the blood off, and it appeared to just be a small cut that looked like it had been cut by a hoof.  Not too serious, but I put on a bit of Nolvasan antiseptic ointment and left a message for Jill on her cell phone.

* * * * * *
Pie seems to be doing well at feeding time now on his new regime of U-Gard, soaked pellets and added salt.  (This morning soaking his pellets was a particular challenge - they were so cold that even soaking with hot water didn't do anything - the pellets just chilled the water.  I ended up having to run hot water in the sink in the office and sitting the small bucket with his feed in the hot water - it finally warmed up enough that the pellets dissolved.) He even drank (a very small amount of) water from his heated bucket last night.  I think he's just deciding not to drink - he's smart enough to know that he'll be going out where he can drink from a tank, which he prefers, so he just waits.  He also strongly dislikes being in a stall at all, so perhaps it's a protest.  I'm just glad he seems to be OK for now.  His hock sore is starting to come back, but with some luck tonight's the last night he'll have to be inside.


  1. Life with horses is so much harder when it's that cold outside. You've had your share of cold days, hope it warms up for you soon so Pie can be outside more.

  2. Kate - I don't know how you deal with that kind of cold. I hope conditions return to something more to Pie's liking asap :)

  3. I hear you, sister. Keep on keeping on. Those ponies are lucky to have you!

  4. It was zero this morning at our house. It is so miserable. I managed to ride last night, but it was in the indoor arena.

    We are getting a warming trend this weekend. Hope you get it, too.

  5. We had frost on the rooftops here this morning, and I thought that was cold. Apparently not!

  6. It's been a bitter winter almost everywhere. We could use a little global warming right now.

    Spring is coming. Don't give up hope.


  7. I am ready for the warmth, that is for sure! And I'm in the SOUTH and still yearning for it ;)

    Hey, what blanket is that in your header photo? I like it and it looks like it wouldn't chest rub as much as mine do!

  8. Cold here too, though not quite that bad. I think my Boys are just getting tired of it all. Tucker was standing on the emergency (near the barn) manure pile this morning. I'm guessing after a bit of pawing, he stirred up some warmer footing just for a change of pace.

    Scout seems to be on a bad streak injury-wise.

    Glad Pie is enjoying he warm, soggy feed. I've been giving my Toby wet feeds too, as I said. It sure makes me warmer, so I hope it helps him too. So far, my pellets have been soaking up the hot water just fine. Otherwise, I'd bring them in the house as it's not that far out to the barn. No heated tack room here. *G*

  9. Ashley - that's a Rambo heavyweight with full neck - they're well made and very durable in my experience, although pricey.

  10. Holy smokes that's cold! We had a pleasant 6C today and my horse was damp under his blanket from being too warm, standing in the sunshine.

    I wanted to say this post is the perfect excuse for my odd habit of keeping my horse feed in my house. The beet pulp pellets stay room temp, and I soak them in buckets that I put in my bathtub all day (I prefer showering so the tub is a feed prep area!)

    Keep feeling those ears and making sure they don't fall off! (horsie ears)

  11. I hope this is your last crazy cold night. I feel for Pie - he is funny boycotting the drinking inside, but it really isn't funny if he isn't drinking.

    Poor Scout - glad he is ok.

    Stay warm.

  12. Poor Pie. Chrome doesn't really like to drink out of a bucket either. He likes to drink out of the big water barrel. He also won't drink out of the pond. Turd. :)

    I'm glad Scout was okay. Poor guy needs to be more careful.

    That's crazy about the pellets! It must be cold!!!! I couldn't handle that.


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