Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seven Plus Fifteen

I'm belatedly getting around to responding to the Stylish Blogger Award a number of people gave me.

I'd like to thank the following bloggers for kindly bestowing this award (if by accident I've omitted anyone, please speak up) - be sure to stop by and visit them:

A Tale of Two Buckskins
Tekes Tally-Ho!
Living a Dream
Honeysuckle Faire
Horse Dayz
The "Dutch"ess of Deerfield
Just a Girl and Her Horse
Simply Horse-Crazy
R Lil Bit of Cash

There are four rules with this award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back.
2.  Tell 7 things about yourself.
3.  Pass the award on to 15 (newly-discovered)  great bloggers.
4.  Notify those to whom you gave the award.

Seven things:

1.  I love to eat almost anything (well, except oysters - they're nasty and slimy and only acceptable if wrapped in bacon), particularly vegetables of all types - I love discovering new vegetables, new recipes and new ethnic cuisines.  We mostly cook from scratch, and eat well, and mostly but not entirely vegetarian - I have a small vegetable garden and we also have a weekly share of vegetables and fruits from our local organic farm.

2.  I've almost moved overseas three times - to Greece (specifically Crete) when I was 10, to Cairo, Egypt in 1981 and to London in the mid-90s.  In all three cases the relocation didn't happen, two times due to political turmoil and the last because I decided to hire someone, with more language skills than I, to head European operations instead of doing it myself.

3.  I used to travel a lot - I'm a million-mile member on American Airlines and have been to 45 of the lower 48 states (sorry Alabama, South Carolina and Idaho), although I probably shouldn't count Utah as I've only been to the Salt Lake City airport.  I've been to at least 9 European countries on business, and especially love Paris.  I'm deficient in language skills - I only speak French, although I read it much better than I speak it. These days I almost never travel if I can help it - I retired to spend time with my family and horses, not to travel, although there are still parts of the U.S. and the world I'd like to see someday.

4.  I'm of German/Scandinavian/English ancestry.  When I visit Sweden, people strike up conversations with me in Swedish since I look like many Swedish people - tall, blond (at least I used to be blond), blue eyes.

5.  We have no TV - haven't for years - and I love to read almost anything.  We probably have over 1,000 books in our house. I often have 5 or more books going at once, both real books and on my Kindle.  I am thinking about getting a TV screen, though, since I love to watch movies and would love to be able to watch downloaded ones, particularly films other than the ones that make it to the movie theaters.

6.  I took up music 5 years ago as a complete beginner.  I play soprano, alto and tenor recorder - mostly but not entirely Renaissance and baroque music.  I take private lessons and also play with a recorder group, as well as taking music theory lessons.  This year I'm hoping to begin learning to play the bass recorder. Being effective at playing recorder actually has some of the same elements as being effective at working with horses - being willing to learn new things, adjusting how you play to make the group perform well together, breathing, patience, rhythm, etc.

7.  I wasn't better at verbal things than at math/science in school - my abilities are about equal.  I'm not so good at languages.  I started out in college as a biochemistry major (I thought I might want to be a doctor) and ended up as a major in medieval history. I love learning new things - any new things.  I'm the sort of person who does puzzles or solves math problems for fun.  I might take some courses at our local community college in math and Spanish.

Now for the bloggers - here are some you may have heard of and some you may not - and I know some of them have already received the award:

TB at X - thoughtful writing about dressage and the whole horse.
The Literary Horse  - a number of authors, all of whom are writers, and the home of the Mr. Chips stories!
ClicketySplit - interesting thoughts on equines (including a Welsh pony) and life.
Rockley Farm - they rehab horses with serious hoof problems - very interesting and a great place to learn about hoof health even if your horse is shod.
When the Painted Horse Isn't - a fun take on life with horses, including the paint that wasn't.
One Old Cowgirl's View - out on the prairie, often working with cattle, and writing with insight and beauty.
Barefoot Horse Blog - more great education about hoof health and anatomy.
C-ing Spots Appaloosas - a kind and thoughtful lady who raises beautiful Appaloosas.
A Horse Named Milo - thoughts on working with horses, especially beautiful Milo.
Stale Cheerios - about training horses (and other animals!) using positive reinforcement methods, including clicker.
It's Quarters For Me - the adventures of two quarter horses and their person.
Mountain Music - she raises and trains beautiful paints.
Rose Valley Ranch - working with her horses, most (all?) of which she bred herself.
Thinking About Horses - she writes wonderful pieces on different horse breeds and disciplines - the blog isn't set up to accept comments but I wanted to thank her in this way.
Teachings of the Horse - wise thoughts and beautiful observations, often involving horses.

Give them all a visit - I think you'll enjoy them!  (And none of the recipients of this award should feel under any obligation to do the duties or pass it on.)


  1. Thanks for the award (again!) lol. But I had nominated you as well! :D

  2. Congrats on the award. Nice to know more about you. You have been and continue to be one busy lady!

  3. paint horse milo - I knew I was going to leave someone out by not checking back far enough! Sorry about that - hope the one link is OK! We know the award's been really making the rounds when it starts getting circular!

  4. Thanks Kate!

    You are one busy person. Good thing you're retired so you have enough time to do everything. I want to be like you when I grow up :)

  5. Its alright, Kate! I do like the few words you described for us, and my Mr Miloface!

  6. Thanks, Kate! for the award--I'll have to see what I can do. (I had another nomination for the same one, and have been procrastinating--mostly because everybody I read seems to have gotten it already!)

  7. I loved learning more about you! My husband is 100% Swedish and I am 50%.

  8. I think the horses are keeping your travel feet on the ground there. It's nice to have a home.

  9. Thank you for the kind gesture Kate! Loved learning more about you...very interesting life you're living!

  10. Love the list, Kate! It is great to get to know you better.

    No TV is the key to constructive living, in my view. You can get out there and live your own story rather than watching other people living.

  11. Thanks for the award! I will certainly pass it along and check out the other blogs you have listed.

    As for a TV, we have one and we have DirecTV but we only watch educational shows. I am a sucker for Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. I am not interested in current "reality" TV or American Idol or any of that mindless garbage.

    I am also an avid movie watcher and we have Netflix. If you have a Netflix-ready Blu-Ray player, you can watch movies instantly using it. I watch a lot of unknown movies that way and I love knowing I only paid $9 a month to see so much! I highly recommend their services!

  12. Congratulations! I love how these awards give us a chance to learn more about you.

    We didn't have TV for a long time either. Everyone thought we were nuts but it just wasn't something we were in to. There were so many other things to do other than watch TV. Now that we did finally get it hooked up, we still rarely watch it lol.

  13. Thank you so much for the compliment on my Thinking About Horses blog. I had thought that my blog had become a bit limp and not what I had originally intended. I have just started reading your blog and enjoy it very much.

  14. Congratulations on your well deserved award. Nice getting to know you better.

  15. Jason and I have a TV but we literally go weeks at a time without turning it on. We're both readers as well.

  16. I enjoyed reading your 7 facts. Your life sounds interesting and full of great pursuits.

  17. How funny; someone sent me the award and the first thing I listed was that I was a super picky eater *laugh*. We do have a TV but no cable (three whole channels - woo!) and I'm a definite book-a-holic. Got 'em crammed into just about every available space around here :o)

  18. Thanks for including me on your list!
    I'm honored!

  19. I loved learning a little bit more about you! I have always found your blog fascinating and it's nice to learn a little about the person behind it :)

    Thanks so very much for the award as well!

  20. I'll eat about anything ;) And I didn't have TV til I moved in with Bryce. Never had the time to watch it.

  21. Well I am so nosy that I loved reading the things about you that I didn't already know. Many of them did not surprise me at all, even though you usually stay focused on writing about horses on your blog. Isn't that funny? I love your long list of blogs to investigate. I admit I have so much trouble finding time to read more than the blogs already established as my faves. How do you do it?? In any case, thanks for such a fun read.

  22. Congrats on the award. Great list. I really enjoyed learning more about you. I wish I had your dedication to music. I took a year of piano lessons, but when my teacher moved I never found another one unfortunately. I've probably forgotten everything I learned. :)

  23. Thanks nominating me for the award!!

    We are also a books rather than TV family. We have a TV, but it probably gets turned on once a month or so. I'd much rather curl up with a good book!



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