Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a Difference a Day and a Bobcat Make

Things are looking up at the barn.  All of the horses managed to get some hours of turnout today, with hay and heated water.  Wind chills hovered near or below zero, but they were glad to get out.  Much progress was made with snow relocation so that access to the paddocks, barn and dry lots, including their water tanks, is improved.  We can now reach both dry lots, albeit in one case we have to go through one to reach the other as the long aisle is still full of drifts.  Amazingly enough, both water tank heaters were still functioning under all that snow due to protection for the outlet and extension cord/heater connections our wonderful p.m. barn lady had put on them.  Pie's paddock has been abandoned for now, as it has huge drifts and he can use Charisma's daytime paddock at night.  Our neighboring farm's bobcat was used to do the heavy lifting, and achieved wonders.  A group of kids did some more shoveling to clear the water hydrant and the outlet between the dry lots. There's still a bit of finish shoveling left to do so that the hot wire between the dry lots is not covered by snow, and to free the battery powering the hot wire.

Here are some photos showing how much got done - see this post for what things looked like before the bobcat was called into action.

Here's the area outside the south barn door looking up the aisle towards the paddocks:

Here's the snow mound between Charisma's and Pie's paddocks - that's Scout and Pie on the left:

Here's one approach to a water tank in one of the dry lots:

Here's an amazing drift top - that's one of the water tanks and the hydrant peeking out behind:

Here's the other side of the water tank - you can see the tall snow bank that's entrapped the hot wire on the far right:

Here's the approach to the water tank in the other dry lot - that gate, although it's clear, isn't usable - the snow drift is chest high just outside it:

Here's a huge snow drift running down one side of the upper dry lot:

Here's a view back towards the barn:

I managed to catch a few photos of Pie and Scout playing - they usually stop if I get too close, so these pictures are from a ways away.  Pie had an unfair advantage - Scout was wearing a halter - here Pie's grabbed on:

Pie harasses Scout from behind and Scout kicks up in response - no damage done:

Sweet Pie with Scout to the left:

Pie digs in a snowbank:

And ends up with snow on his face:

The dynamic duo:

To all affected by difficult weather, may you and your beasts be safe and warm.


  1. Yep, that's a lot of snow. It's always fun to watch horses play and you're right. They always stop when they see you coming up.


  2. Kate, Wow! What a lot of snow you have there!! Glad you have access to the bobcat for clearing it. Those are such cute pictures of Pie and Scout!

  3. wow! Definitely a lot of snow. Glad you guys were able to get some help clearing some paths.

    The horses look like they are enjoying the time playing outside.


  4. Love the pictures of Pie and Scout playing... those candid pictures are so hard to get!!

    Looks like progress is being made in regards to the snow. Hope things continue to improve! :)

  5. Yikes, that's a lot of snow. Love the pictures of Pie and Scout. It's so nice when horses have a buddy to play with.

  6. Much improved. My horses have yet to be locked in the barn due to weather. You really got it!

  7. They look none the worse or wear. Good to see that.

    We used to own a mare that was foaled in Minnesota. She's was cold weather savvy, as she would break ice in the water trough with her head.

  8. WOW, gotta love the dozers! Great pictures of the boys playing. I love watching horses play, it warms my heart!

  9. Jana - if you're reading - Mary from Stale Cheerios left a nice response to your question on clicker back at the post where you left the comment - I believe the one on January 30 on leading.

    Thanks, Mary!

  10. Glad you are getting dug out! What in the world did people do before Bobcat's?

    Pie and Scout are too adorable as best friends. I love the dynamic duo photo...they look like they were up to something together. Very cute!

    Stay warm.

  11. Ahh the dig out glad most everything is in tact for you guys. I'm wondering what it's going to be like for you when it melts off? Do you guys have issues with standing water/mud?


  12. I took a huge John Deer tractor with a blade to plow out our drive but it didn't help in our corrals. The drifts this year are bad here too. It's a tough year for wildlife too. This morning at 4:00 AM I had coyotes up by the house, I think hunting my barn cats. I hope all 4 cats are still there when I go out to do chores this morning. I'm glad you got dugout. I hope spring comes soon for all of us.

  13. What is it about an animal with snow on its face? They always look adorable. Good job digging out, you must have slept like a stone last night.

  14. Yay for the bobcat ! they Pie and Scout look like they came through the storm just fine

  15. You had a ton of snow and some huge drifts! Wow!
    The pictures of Pie playing are cute. I know what you mean about not being able to get those shots. My guys stop and stare at me - I am certainly viewed as an intruder and a spoil sport.

  16. Wish we had a way to clear the snow. We're essentially stuck. Ick.

    Love the photos of them playing.

  17. Lol, when I first saw the post title I thought bobcat animal, not bobcat machine :)

    That's just too much snow Kate!

  18. I like the term "snow relocation." That about sums it up this time of year. Glad you are cleaned out enough to get around and let the horses enjoy themselves.

  19. Gotta love machinery at times like this!

  20. That is TOO much snow! I would be packing up and moving lol. :) Glad everyone is okay. Stay warm!


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