Monday, March 14, 2011

Hay Delivery and Softening Work

Our wonderful hay supplier was at the barn this morning delivering two round bales - maybe our last ones for this year as we'll be out on grass soon.  I'd been planning to take some photos - this blog has been all words all the time recently - and it seemed like a good opportunity.  I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to photography, but I've started trying to be more selective/brutal about ditching photos that just aren't working due to composition or other reasons.  So the following are what's left from over 130 shots I took this morning.

Dawn was on alert:

Hay on the truck is the best hay of all, she says:

Pie had to come up and say hi - that's Fritz on the right:

A close-up of Pie's star - sometimes it looks like an E to me but not so much in this shot:

Pie and Scout agree with Dawn that hay on the truck is the best:

* * * * * *
Pie and I had a very nice trail ride yesterday with Charisma and Sugar - lots of trotting.  Other than a brief episode involving some screaming, running children and a very loud whoopee cushion they were playing with (!!!!) Pie was very calm - I can't say that I much like the noises the children were making either.  Pie volunteered some softening at both walk and trot on trail, and once we got back to the barn we went in the area for a while and did some more softening work at the walk.  He's really getting the hang of it - he's about ready to do it consistently at the walk and move up to trot - and we actually got some very nice moments of walk where he was starting to step under himself behind, extend a bit in front and lift through his back.  That's what the softening work is really about - it isn't about the head position, it's about the feel you get when the horse is relaxing the top line, engaging the core and lifting from behind.  And he doesn't brace at all even when he's figuring things out - this is a new experience for me and pretty delightful.

Hoping for another ride today, and perhaps some more work with Dawn if she's coming out of heat.  And Drifter's vet check is on Wednesday, if that goes well he should arrive on Saturday, followed by x-rays next Monday . . . keeping fingers crossed . . .


  1. Never thought I'd find trail riding and whoopee cushions in the same sentence ;) lol!

    Have it on good authority that hay in the manure cart is second best to hay on the hay truck :)

  2. The hay on the truck is always the best. Love the pictures and think you did a good job with them.

    Fingers crossed that all goes well with Drifter's exam. Good luck.

  3. A whoopie cushion? Good grief! That's gotta be a first on a trail ride. lol!

  4. wow!! How time flies... I can't believe that drifter is getting his vet check already. Hoping for the best!

  5. Great pictures! They look so content :)

    *keeping my fingers crossed that Drifter's vet check goes smoothly*

  6. Your pictures have always looked so good to me. But kudos to you for taking your photography to the next level! I am always interested in hay stoies. I am still not sure why someone would choose a round bale over a square one. Around here is seems like cows eat round bales and horses get the square ones. I love watching the horses nibble hay! It is amazing that they get so much goodness from it. Even though sometimes it does look kind of yummy!

  7. I love the last pic of Pie you posted. It looks like he is grinning and saying, mmmm good stuff! lol

  8. Hay in your arms is always tasty as well, especially if it can be pulled out of your grasp and scattered on the floor....

    Nothing like a good trail ride.

    Need to do some arena work with Chance and softening is definitely on the agenda. It does make so much difference in how the horse moves.

  9. Our horses agree... hay on wheels just tastes better.

  10. Just realized....Dawn looks a lot like my Tucker. Very similar face and expression. It just struck me as I opened your blog again today...

  11. Sounds like you have lots of things going on when you ride. I ride out in the woods, but you'd be surprised at what's out there, too. Last year, the tip of one tree extended to the top of the mountain where the trailhead started and there were a family of crows nesting right there. I couldn't get Cowboy to pass those cawing crows for anything. He needs to channel Pie's confidence.

  12. Love the photos and great story of nice ride with Pie - even with an annoying whoopie cushion!

    Very exciting news about Drifter! Can't wait to read about him too.

  13. Great ride with Pie! He is really doing well with the trail rides. Your work with Dawn sounds so good as well. Hope everything goes well with Drifter this week!

  14. A whoopee cushion, eh? Might have to find one to use as a training aid, now. :)

    Bar is funny about screaming children and nasaly voices. But he is special, as you know.

  15. Hey thats awesome that you are getting out for some fun rides on Pie the hay shots. I'm still buying in hay from varous places. I'm slowly getting the amount I need. All the best for Drifters exam

  16. I think that's actually quite a nice portrait of Dawn. One of the most helpful things I learned about taking better photographs is to remember the rule of thirds. It's a little complicated to explain in a comment but you can probably google it.

    Are you going to do another in-depth post about softening? I really enjoy those.

  17. Crossing my fingers for Drifter.

    Pie is just amazing! I think I would have bolted with whoopee cushion!


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