Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pasture Frolics and Saddle Progress

The horses have been starting to go out on pasture - there isn't a lot out there yet but we're introducing them gradually.  Today I took my camera when they went out from the dry lots to the pasture, expecting there'd be some fun, and there was.

The geldings (minus Scout, who's in a small paddock with some sort of problem with his right hind) have been having fun with the large puddle/small pondlet that's in their pasture.  Yesterday Pie had clearly rolled in it on both sides, although fortunately he had dried before I tried to groom him - and even then I didn't manage to get him very clean.  Today there wasn't any rolling, but there was a lot of splashing - that's Fred on the left, splashing up a storm, Fritz in the middle and Pie coming in from the right:

Now Fritz decided he needed to do some serious splashing, too:

Pie says it's time to get to the important business of eating grass:

The mares were grazing at the bottom of the slope.  I walked back up the slope and called to them, and sure enough they came running, with Dawn in the lead - that's Misty on the left, Sugar in the middle and Dawn on the right:

Dawn leads the way:

I like how she's looking right at me as she approaches:

Heading on by:

Demonstrating all four off the ground:

* * * * * *
Yesterday when I rode Pie I tried out my Kieffer dressage saddle.  This saddle is a really nice one - I've had it for years as it came with Noble (I got him in 1997), and it was probably worth more than I paid for Noble and the saddle together.  It's still in perfect shape.  I used to ride Noble in it and it also fit Lily well - it's fairly wide.  Now that I have the Mattes pad, I have some adjustment options for my various horses.  Yesterday I had the Mattes pad with two inserts in each of the front pockets and one in each of the back pockets.  The saddle sat nicely on Pie and didn't rock at all.  While I was out on the trail, he gave me some really nice moments of walk and trot where he was extending his stride and stretching out through the shoulder.  Back in the arena we did some walk and trot work and also did a bit of cantering - he moved very well throughout.  I think this saddle may work for him, and it's very comfortable for me - my posture is straighter and my legs are more relaxed.  I think it will also work for Dawn, probably with three inserts in each front pocket - she's only slightly narrower than Pie and is also built a bit downhill, and it may be wide enough to work for Drifter without the Mattes pad or with perhaps only one insert in each pocket.  If this works, I'll feel very lucky.

I need to be doing more consistent and focussed arena work with Pie, but he's so fun to ride on the trail it's hard to do that - we had another great ride yesterday.


  1. Boys do love to play in mud puddles.

    Great pictures.


  2. I bet all the horses are happy for the snow to be gone and to be on pasture! They all sure look like it!

    I will cross my fingers for you that the saddle works for them all! Wouldnt that just be fantastic??

  3. I love to see horses playing in the water like that!

  4. Those geldings are just like little boys who are drawn to mud and dirt and grime. And the mares - just like giddy school girls skipping and twirling and running. They were sure enjoying their playtime.

  5. It would be a real plus if the saddle worked out for all the horses. Good luck.

    Love the pictures. I don't know what it is about puddles that make them want to splash and roll. And yet sometimes on the trail or in the arena I've had horses that made every effort to go around or over them.

  6. So glad you got the mattes pad. I sure love mine, and so does my horse.

  7. I love watching them splash in puddles, they look so carefree!

  8. That is so funny, splashing around in the mud! Unfortunately my horses splash around in mud all day, because there is no where else to go!
    Great pictures!!! Love watching horses running in a field!

  9. Love the photos. They look like they're having so much fun.

  10. Love the photos of the horses playing , the pure joy they show is contagious. Glad you found a good fit that will likely work on all of your horses. Ans a good ride on that wonderful Pie. I wouldn't worry about consistent "schooling on Pie, you are likely doing great work on your trail rides without even realising it , it sounds like you really relax and enjoy them

  11. I love your banner picture, and all the pictures really. I've never seen horses splashing like that - so cute.
    The saddle sounds great. Now I'm curious about the pad. I may need to google it :)
    I wouldn't worry about too much time on the trail and not enough in the ring - who can blame you after a long winter? And Pie will stay interested and happy, but you know all that.

  12. I love your banner picture and the ones of the horses pawing in the water. They look so joyous!
    We have a mattes pad too. Brett is using it on Flash at the moment. They are great - lifesavers when your saddle doesn't fit perfect.

  13. Nice if that saddle works out. An adjustable pad like that makes all the difference.

    What fun the horses are having with that puddle! My PJ used to love them.

    I know how you feel about Pie. I'm the same way with Chance. Those trails are too alluring.

  14. Great pictures! I love watching horses play and stretch their legs, the beauty!

    Awesome news about your keiffer, I love me keiffer too :)

  15. Great pics - I really like the ones of the boys splashing in the puddles.

    I've heard good things about the Kieffer saddles - good to hear that it might work for all the horses!

  16. Cute! I love the header photo.

  17. The geldings splashing in the mud cracks me up. They make toys out of anything :)

    Everytime I see your photos of Misty I wish she was standing in my pasture.....

    That's great that your saddle is fitting Pie so well. There are few things in life better than a great-fitting, comfortable saddle.

  18. Love the pictures--you caught some priceless moments there. Yay for pasture time! I love the trails. I'd do those all the time and never do arena, if I could.

  19. Watching the horses play in the puddle is fun and probably good training for them, too.
    I don't think we've ever had a puddle. Even when it does rain, it either sinks into the ground super fast or runs off because our ground is so dry and hard.
    We've not even had any rain at all here since last August....not even a drop. And we've had a very dry winter, too. It's so dry, dusty and brown here.
    When it finally does rain, the horses are probably going to spook, "Ack! What is this wet stuff falling down on us?!"


  20. Love those splashing-in-mud photos! Reminds us how much horses LOVE to be dirty! Ours go so far as to dig mud pits in the pasture and roll in them daily. ha ha

  21. I love that last "suspended" photo; always love to see horses out just being horses, even if it does get them muddy!

  22. Great pictures!! The one you chose for your header is totally my favorite. :) I like the one of Pie walking off to find grass too. He's built so nice. Cute little chunky QH butt. :D


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