Monday, March 28, 2011

Three-Horse Day

I'm sure this has some relationship to a three-dog night, but if so it escapes me what it is.

Today it managed to creep up briefly to 35F - at one point snow flakes (!) were drifting down, but I was fed up and worked with the horses today - all three of them.  In the morning, I did something with all three - Drifter got some grazing work and then some leading work to and from the arena and in the arena, Pie went on a hand walk through the organic farm and Dawn did some leading work in the arena.  At that point it was about 30F and a bit windy, and all three did very well.  I was working with Dawn in particular on her turns, to make sure she was soft and bending and not bracing as we turned. Dawn was especially sweet - on two occasions when I praised her with "good girl!", she softly nickered at me.  I think she's happy to be getting more attention.

Then in the afternoon, Drifter and I did some lungeing work at the walk - the arena's getting dragged (yeah!) tomorrow so we can work at the trot.  We did some one-rein ground driving with figures and straight lines.  I may do some rope work - making sure he's comfortable with ropes around his legs and hindquarters - so we can do some proper ground driving - this will make short trail excursions possible.  And Drifter was perfect with his feet for picking both yesterday and today - clicker did the trick.

The reason I did some leading work with Pie this morning was that he was a tad too excited on our ride yesterday - he'd been off for almost a week and our first rides back are often like this.  He was head-shaking and very energetic - and as we were riding away from the barn, the mares went crazy in their dry lot and were running and bucking - Pie was ready to dance, so I dismounted, led him away from the barn a ways, then led him back towards the barn and remounted and rode back.  I untacked him and turned him loose in the arena and he ran like a maniac - race-horse speed.  The "dry" lots are so muddy right now that the horses can barely get around, much less run. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself - it was pretty scary for me - I lost a horse once due to an injury when running like this.

Today was much better - we worked on our softening work at the walk and trot in the arena first - so the trail would be a reward - he's up to 7 soft steps at the trot but was beginning to tire so we stopped there.  We did a couple of short trail loops through the organic farm and on another loop, with some walking and trotting.  Much better than yesterday.

I'm tired, but it was a great day despite the continued cold weather. Tonight Drifter and Pie are outside in adjacent paddocks and both seem pretty happy about that - it'll be better for their mental health.


  1. Your winter sure must be feeling like its dragging itself out, we are very much into autumn now but still having beautiful weather so hope this holds on for a while longer...good on you for keeping motivated and getting out there even though its cold..

  2. What a great day!!! I flinch when they run like that too... specially when they all get running and bucking. Keep waiting for someone to collide with someone else, or crash through a fence.

  3. I lost one doing that, too, so I always hold my breath when I see them run like that in bad conditions. Sounds like your horses are full-time thing now. Glad to hear Dawn's happier being worked.

  4. I worked three today too and I am dragging. Having time off sucks because of how long it takes to get back up to speed. I'll bet we both sleep well tonight. LOL

  5. I love to let Bar go in the indoor arena--such a joy to see him go when he's feeling strong and healthy. He won't usually do it if footing is bad--too self-protective after his injuries, I think.

    Sounds like a good day with three horses! I'm jealous!

  6. Where do you get your energy, Kate? Three horses are wearing me out and I am going to be dragging tomorrow being up this late trying to catch up with blogging! You are my inspiration.

    That nickering story about Dawn was just fantastic.

    This cold snap has got me down. I am ready to shed the Carhartts and enjoy spring! I know you are colder than us and I don't know how you take it.

  7. I hope you get some warmer weather soon. That cold wind and snowflakes sounds hard work. How sweet that Dawn talks to you

  8. It does sound like Dawn liked getting some attention and let you know it with her nickering. She's probably a little jealous of the boys.

    It is a good feeling when you get some work done with everyone isn't it. But it is tiring.

    Warm weather should be on the way soon don't you think. I mean it's almost April. We're still cold here too.

  9. I had a "work day" yesterday, too. After major grooming on a shedding horse, it looked like I had groomed three by the amount of hair on the ground ;o)

    I have the tack shed all to myself now so I worked on cleaning and reorganizing the mess inside. Eventually (when I get someone to help me with the task) I'll move the fridge inside and then will finish the rest of the work. I bought a blanket bar (it works "up high" and the blankets are stored "side by side") and have some other organizers for polo wraps, equipment, etc. I did discover that one of the three big totes with lids was mostly empty, so I don't have to buy another one.

    I slept well. Weather here was sunny but very windy. I'm like you, Kate: Ready for warmer weather.


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