Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today it's not that cold - high in the mid 30sF - but the wind is really howling - steady 20-25mph with gusts to 40mph.  Not my cup of tea - I hate the wind.  It's so windy that it actually pushes you when you're walking.  And even Pie thought so - when I walked to the barn this morning to feed, I actually caught him hanging out in his shed with just his face sticking out - first time ever in the four plus months he's been here that I've seen him use it.

And Dawn seems to be in heat - this morning when I turned her out she nickered to Pie - she usually hates him - and then proceeded to do a mares-in-heat display - those of you with mares will know what I mean.  She even does this for mares in her herd - and then they copy her.  And Dawn has an extra variation, involving standing next to a fence and plastering her hindquarters into the fence and leaning her whole body weight sideways into it - let's hope the fence is still standing this afternoon.  If you're leading her and there's a gelding nearby and you're not careful to hurry her along,  she'll get "stuck" in this position against a fence or barn aisle wall.  Ah, mares . . .  But the good thing is that now that she's on Mare Magic, her heats are (somewhat) less pronounced and she's still able to work and concentrate when she's in heat, which didn't used to be the case.

I'm going to give horse work a pass today and hope for better conditions tomorrow.


  1. My older son once told me that when a dog rides with his head hanging out a car window the passing smells are like a symphony would be to us - a real mixture of sensations. I think that's true when the wind's blowing for horses. Besides the physical stimulation, there are multiple smells they are dealing with. Unless I have to, I don't ride when the wind's blowing like that. Especially if it's cold.


  2. Kate-

    Dawn's in "sleazon" eh ;)


    I've always imagined the intense smell input is like a movie for dogs... each smell makes a picture in their minds - like frames on a reel of film. Love the symphony analogy :)

  3. Hate the wind myself. Around here I always worry about tree branches blowing off as my arena is next to the woods.

    Guess it must have been windy if Pie used the shed. Sometimes outdoors just gets to be too much to deal with. Glad he had the shelter to enjoy.

  4. I'm not much for working in the wind either. It amazes me how much Dusty "loves" the boys when she's in season. Normally, she ignores them all. Dawn is different, I like her new twist on the whole fence thing, very talented gal.

  5. I'm glad my mares aren't so obvious when they are in heat! They will stand and gaze longingly at Beamer, and squat and pee, but it isn't too obnoxious.

  6. hah! Dawn! I know the harlotty stances pretty well! So funny to read Dawn's version of it! Wind sure isn't my cup of tea either. Here it is supposed to be warm tomorrow but with wind so I am hoping my Sunday ride will not be sabotaged! It is always such a pleasure to read about you and your herd.

  7. I've noticed some of the mares really being "mares" the last few weeks. Tis the season!

    The weather was fabulous here today, 66 and sunny. I curried so much hair off of Lily yesterday the barn aisle was awash in gray horse hair. Of course to look at her you can't tell I did anything!

  8. We get a lot of wind on the Colorado high prairie. It almost drives us insane. My boys don't like it either and will hang out in their stalls if it is bad. I usually don't ride in it, except to go over to a friend's indoor arena.
    In southern France they have seasonal high winds called le Mistral. Centuries ago crimes of passion committed during the windy season were excused!
    So, maybe some of Dawn's behavior is in reaction to the wind! It has to do with passion, right?!

  9. Ive seen mares push into the fence like that. You're right, they can push them over.

    As someone who breeds I always appreciate a mare with such obvious cycles but riding can be a different issue all together, especially those mares that do like to push into pressure when they're in heat.

  10. I call that a "lazy wind" - too lazy to go around you, it just blows right through you. Definitely not jealous :o) Brrr.

  11. I'm not fond of the wind either. This time of year we get plenty of it. As long as it blows winter quickly and far away it can't be too bad, right?

    I just read a blog the other day that had their mares spayed. I was amazed at how quick and simple the procedure was. The mares were even able to stand and be awake during the entire procedure.

    The blogger also shared all the photos from the spaying and I was surprised at how small the ovaries were for such a huge animal.



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