Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Great Day With Horses

It was supposed to rain today, but we were spared until late in the day, so I got in three good rides.  Pie and I had a nice hour and a half trail ride with Scout this morning - Scout walked but Pie had to do a good bit of trotting to catch up - his stride is shorter than Scout's - we probably trotted half the total distance.  Scout and Pie even braved the tree-trimming crews who were using chain saws and up in buckets sawing off tree limbs close to the barn.  Good Pie!

In the afternoon, I had good (no make that great) rides on both Dawn and Drifter.  I rode Dawn in the sidepull - the modified Dr. Cook's wasn't working for us.  It took her a while to get the feel of it - there was some bracing initially at the walk but after a while it clicked in for her and she was able to soften very well consistently at the walk, and we also got decent bending in both direction.  Her trot work was very forward, but we did get some good softening there by the end as well, as well as some walk/trot/walk transitions.  Her concentration was also very good - there were lots of distractions including people working in the community garden. Good Dawn!

Drifter and I had a very good work session after bring in and feeding time.  We only lunged briefly, then I bridled and mounted up.  It was if a switch had been flipped - his walk work was really excellent from the first moment, very soft and relaxed, and the trot work was much better - we were able to put together some really nice continuous trot sets with almost consistent softness.  He's relaxing a bit now at the walk and beginning to stretch down a bit, and that isn't quite there yet at the trot, but there was almost no bracing today even at the trot, and his ability to concentrate and work were also admirable.  We did a bit of standing around work outside the arena after our work session, and he was much more able just to stand still with me and look around rather than fretting or being spooky. Good Drifter!

Now, what could be finer than a lovely April day (low 50sF with a bit of wind) with three fine horses!


  1. Kate, one of the things I like about your posts is how you always look for and find the positive things about your relationships with your horses.

    Well done.


  2. You're right. What could be better than three good rides on three good horses. Progress on all fronts.

    Wishing you more good weather. It's getting hot here in NJ. Nothing much of spring. We seem to be going right into summer....or something.

  3. I'm so glad to see that you're getting good weather and good rides. It's gorgeous and so warm here today, as if someone turned on the switch for summer and winter is really over at last. I hope you continue to have good luck with sunshine and horses throughout the week.

  4. Kate, Great rides and good progress with all three horses- wonderful! Glad your weather is cooperating more.


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