Friday, April 1, 2011

Drifter Conquers the "Snake"

Our barn has a sump pump, and the discharge comes out through a black corrugated pipe that runs out of the back of the barn onto a grassy area.  Drifter and I have been hand grazing in the general area, but he's never gotten too close to the black "snake".  Today, he was edging closer - lots of snorting - Drifter is a big snorter when he's exploring/worried about something.

Then the pump ran and water ran out of the pipe - big spook - but one thing I noted that was important - he never ran to the end of the lead and didn't pull on me at all, and settled down right afterwards.  He grazed up to a couple of feet of the pipe.  I walked over the pipe and gently asked him to follow - and he did!  He did clunk his back feet - I see walking over poles in our future.  We did it a couple more times in between grazing periods.  I was very pleased that he trusted me enough to walk over the scary "snake" when asked.

Good Drifter!


  1. Good stuff. There's no way we can ever stop a horse from being afraid. However, we can teach them to trust us enough to 'spook in place.'


  2. I love how you expect your horses to be good - and they are. Good Drifter, good Pie, good Dawn, good Kate.

  3. The 'snake' sounds like a very scary object. Good boy Drifter for having the courage to get closer for a look. He seems very sensible.

  4. So nice that he didn't pull on you. He obviously trusts you alot too. Very nice.

  5. A step in the right direction! *G*

    Well done, Drifter. I like how his mind works things out.

  6. I like how he didn't put pressure on the lead. It's such a big deal when they get to that place.

  7. Good Drifter! I love it when they trust you in scary situations.


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