Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Morning Photos

I've been so busy working with the horses that I haven't been taking many photos, and when I'm riding I'm usually by myself so no photos then either.  But this morning when I was at the barn to fetch Drifter in from his grazing in the far pasture (he's up to an hour now and the other horses are up to two hours; by the time they're turned out together he'll be mostly caught up), I took my camera.  It was fairly foggy, and quite chilly with a bit of wind.

Charisma was skeptical:

Dawn was trying to watch me, but she was so sleepy she could barely keep her eyes open - that's Sugar on the round bale:

Fred, our senior gelding at age 25, was annoyed by Pie's harassment:

Pie goes for one more nip:

Fred played with Pie for a minute - that's Fritz in the "keyhole":

Pie, of course, had to come up and say hi:

When I went out to get Drifter, he greeted me:

By the time we got back to the barn, Dawn was even sleepier - that's Misty in the background:

Pie's head had disappeared into the round bale:

Scout, as usual, was photogenic:

The geldings and mares held a brief conclave - from left to right that's Fred, Misty, Dawn, Fritz and Sugar:

Drifter watched with great interest from his paddock across the aisle:

Pie and Scout were hanging out:

And decided to roughhouse:

There were dueling muzzles across the aisle - first Dawn:

Then Drifter:

Fritz is always friendly:

Drifter was very interested in what I was up to:

And had to come for one last scratch:

If the rain holds off, I'm hoping to get in some more riding this afternoon.


  1. Great photo montage! I love the sequence between Dawn being tired, and even more tired. LOL!

  2. Great pictures. Why do some horses dive their heads down into the hay? My mare, Sugar, does that.


  3. Love your pictorial. There is nothing like just watching the horses interact. And, I love it when they play.

    Thanks for the fun morning.

  4. Great pictures! That is a bunch of good looking horses. I love the muzzle shots - you just want to kiss them! :-)

  5. Great picture of Dawn's muzzle!

  6. Drifter's eyelashes are just crazy, fabulous, dreamy cute. Like 16 Magazine cute! Take that, Justin Bieber!

  7. Spring is in the air and that leads to rough housing sometimes. Great pictures of the morning.

  8. It's official. I'm in love with Dawn. She just looks like a graceful doe or something, with that warm brown coat and equally soft brown eyes. Bay mares will always be my kind of horse!

    Pie is pretty darn cute too. And that buckskin! You are so lucky to be surrounded by such gorgeous animals. Jealoussssssss.

  9. Great pictures! You have a very good looking crew there.

  10. I just love Drifter's expression in that first picture of him looking over the fence. His eye looks soft and relaxed now and he just looked happy and curious. Pretty boy.

  11. Love the pictures, especially the one of Dawn sleeping! Beautiful horses.

  12. Great pics, Drifter is such a pretty fellow. Love the amre napping in the feed, looks like a good life for all

  13. Great pictures! Dawn has such an adorable muzzle and I love that second sleeping picture of her. :D

  14. I'm a sucker for muzzles. Scout's makes me swoon!

    Pie is really quite a character in the herd...

  15. Fun photos! It's great to see Pie playing with his buds. Looks like he is an alpha horse...or tries to be?

    The comma on Drifter is adorable. And Dawn has the prettiest muzzle I think I have ever seen on a horse. It looks like black velvet!

    Is that a cribbing collar on Fred?


  16. Lisa - Dawn's muzzle is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen, even though I do love my two chestnut boys. Sometimes she even lets me kiss it when she's in a good mood.

    Pie is very playful and rambunctious - I think he might be an alpha want-a-be.

    Fred does wear a cribbing collar - he's a terrible cribber given the chance.


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