Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Rides

Today I managed two rides.  Pie and I had a solo trail ride of almost an hour, with quite a bit of trotting.  It was chilly and misty when we were out.  He started out somewhat resistant - there was a bit of head-shaking, I think due to our riding in the morning which we rarely do - but after some serpentines and some halting and backing he settled down nicely and we ended up having a very good ride, with a number of loops towards and then away from the barn.  At the end of the last loop, I took him through my backyard (it abuts the trail), past the bird feeders and the lawn furniture and between my house and my neighbor's house - complete with woodbile with blue tarp.  He did great - the only thing that gave him pause were one lawn chair, the flagstones edging the driveway and the dark blacktop - but he went right on by when I asked.  We went that way to go visit the group of people (all people I know) who were working that morning on pruning the "edible orchard" - fruit trees and berry bushes - that's in the center of my cul-de-sac.  Pie got a few pats and treats, and we turned around and went back the way we came.  This time he wasn't bothered by any of the suburban yard stuff.

Later in the afternoon, I rode Drifter - the sun was out and it was quite a bit warmer.  The ring is still very wet with standing water in places and the footing isn't great, so we just walked.  It was just as well - I couldn't free lunge him first and he was somewhat antsy and bracey, although we ended better than we started.  He did get to go up to the arena fence and great a family with small children who were working in the community garden.  The goat was out and about, and he had to look at that a bit, but was pretty good about it.  I'm hoping that if we can get the bracing at the walk and rushing resolved that we might get in some trotting pretty soon, but the weather has to cooperated and we're supposed to be getting storms tomorrow.


  1. All in all it sounds like a good day with Pie and Drifter. Hope your weather cooperates for more rides and a dry arena.

  2. Good Pie. Snacks and love make everything better!

  3. Good Pie. I would think those treats are going to make trail rides even more appealing....

    Drifter needs work, but you are certainly up to it. Glad you were able to ride him.

    As for the this the April showers part, or leftover winter doldrums....I wonder?

  4. Sounds like you had good rides. Good for Pie to pass the scary lawn chair! I hope to get in a ride today before the rains start here tomorrow.

  5. It's nice that you have trails that lead by your house. It sounds like a great little riding community.


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