Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Very Good Day

Finally we had a day with some decent weather.  This morning Pie and I had a nice hour long trail ride - it was very windy so he did a number of spook-scoots, but nothing too difficult - he was a good boy.  The only thing that really gave him pause was one of our neighbors whose garage opens on the trail was working in there with what I think was a drill press - a loud shrieking noise, that stopped and started.  Pie was having none of it - we could have turned and made another loop to avoid it but I was able to call to Tony, my neighbor, to stop the noise, and we made it by safely.  Very good Pie!

Drifter and I had a good work session this afternoon, after bring in and feeding.  I shared feeding duty this afternoon with Sugar's owner, and when I got to the barn, I was able to "whistle in" all the horses - they all came galloping from the far reaches of the pastures up to the gates, which was a good thing considering all the mud.  This time I put Drifter on cross ties to groom and tack.  He was very good, and was also good for foot picking - the right hind seems to give him the greatest trouble and I'll have to point that out to the chiropractor.

When we got to the arena, we didn't do our usual free lunging, but moved directly to lungeing on the line - he was good about that, with walk/trot/halt and changes of direction.  I mounted up and we did some figure work, and also some lengthening/shortening work at the walk, as well as some halting and backing.  We formally started our softening work at the walk and made it up to 7 soft steps in each direction.  I'd like him to do more stretching down - he tends to carry his head high and curl up a bit - so we did some loose rein work. We also did a fair amount of trot work, primarily working on speed regulation/not rushing using circles.  I was very pleased with his work and told him so - we got to spend a fair amount of time just standing still on a loose rein while Charisma worked, which he seemed to enjoy.  We did a bit of leading by the legs work in the stall afterwards, but he was fairly distracted due to Sugar leaving on a brief trail ride - we'll try more tomorrow. Good Drifter!


  1. Love those days when things go right and you can smile at the end and say, Good day! I had one today too.

  2. I'm still waiting on "decent weather" rain, not just light rain (almost 2 inches an hour) , every single day since I got home.

    Have a happy Easter =)


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