Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day One, Dawn Photos

Here, thanks to Lea of A Natural Horsemanship Journey, are some nice photos of Dawn from day one of the clinic - these are the only photos I have.  Read this post about day one with Dawn to understand what we were working on.

Here I'm talking to Mark about what we want to work on - we started with consistency of softening at the walk - you can see here that her head's popped up a bit and she's not soft:

We're starting to get a bit more consistency at the walk here and she's looking pretty good:

Momentarily distracted by the audience:

Nice, forward walk and I'm sitting up reasonably straight and keeping a soft leg to help her relax:

This is beginning to look better - her neck isn't completely soft - there's still a bit of brace at the base - but the quality of the walk is good and she's got the "Zen face":

Taking a walk break and she's somewhat distracted again:

Here I'm working on "allowing" her to move and use her power and athleticism - I'm pleased that she's not going (much) behind the vertical even though she's pretty revved up - you can't see it clearly because of the size of the photo but I'm also pleased that I'm actually not pulling on her here - there's just a soft connection:

And here is the beginning of one of our innumerable small circles to help her calm and self-regulate her pace - I haven't taken enough pressure off the outside rein yet - there should be no pressure there for her to be able to follow her nose around and relax:

Thanks again to Lea for the pictures!


  1. Great pictures. It's so nice to have a photo journal of what you were working on with Dawn. Looking good.

    Love his horse.

  2. Great pictures. They certainly do illustrate much of what you learned.

    As for the Pie post below...Whew! Good news indeed. Hopefully it was the heat and a bit too much grass. Your management techniques and care should make a big difference for your boy. Hope all goes well.

  3. She's so cute. Love the zen face.


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