Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The wind is still very strong - steady winds of 20mph with constant gusts to up to 30mph - but the sun is shining and temperature made it up to almost 60F, so both Dawn and Drift got ridden.  I'm hoping to ride them both tomorrow and Thursday, and then give them Friday off for our drive up to the clinic - it's about an hour and a half drive and we'll leave in the early afternoon.  There's a lot of stuff to load up and I've been making lists.

Both Dawn and Drift were very good despite the wind, although they were both very forward.  We got some good work in, mainly at the trot.  Pie's looking better every day although he's lost some muscle mass. I sent off his hair sample for PSSM testing to the U. Minnesota lab - I ended up using tail hairs as the root bulbs were easier to see.

I'm not happy with my new dressage Mattes pad - the underside is fleece (my old close contact one is just fabric) and the result is that the back of the saddle tends to slide somewhat from side to side as I ride, particularly since both Dawn and Drift have a lot of swing to their trots - this puts some strain on my back and I expect the horses don't appreciate it much either.  It's a particular problem with Drift - his back is very broad and fairly flat. I'm going to have to find a different solution to my shimming needs.


  1. Uh oh to the sliding saddle. Not a good sign!

    Glad they were both good despite the wind.

  2. Kate, I have really enjoyed my thinline pad that has shims, which is similar in design to the mattes pad and might suit your needs. I've noticed the thinline pad helps my back and Tucker's -- their claims aren't bunk! I'm wondering if maybe the sheepskin on your Mattes pad would be less slippery if you washed it in a machine? Maybe something to try before you scrap it altogether.

  3. Geeze it's warmer up there then here in So. Ohio. We never got above 50 today. Oh and it's still raining.

    Glad Pie is doing better too.

    Have a safe trip!

  4. Glad you got some rides in. Sounds as if both horses will be well ready for the clinic.

    Good news on Pie as well. The test results will be interesting.

    No comment on the pad. I've never used one like that myself.

  5. I've had similar issues with every shimmed saddle pad I've ever used.... and I have used the same one you have now, the Mattes half-pad. They put the saddle in the right place... but somehow the extra bulk (in my mind) seems to do more harm than good.
    Unfortunately... I think the best solution is to have saddles custom-flocked and fitted to individual horses.... though this gets to be a rather expensive endeavor when you ride a lot of horses!


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