Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beautiful Lil

I haven't been able to take any pictures of the horses since I can't use my left arm right now - I hope some of those restrictions can gradually be eased as things heal up, but for now, here's a photo of Lily taken by Melissa down at Paradigm Farms - Lily did always have a beautiful head and face, and I've always loved the white under her chin and the end of her big blaze (it's under the gray) showing on her white nose:

Pretty girl!  It's hard to believe that she's about 21 years old.


  1. She's a pretty girl. It's nice that you can get pictures of the gang down there to see how they are doing.

  2. Lily is lovely :)

    Are you typing your posts one handed Kate? Bless your heart if you are. I hope everything has started to knit back together now...

  3. Calm, Forward - I can use my left hand to type - better luck!

  4. She has such a wise and gentle look to her. Very pretty.

  5. Lil is lovely.
    Keep exercising those fingers, Kate. I broke my clavicle a year ago, and I've had a devil of a time getting full motion back in my fingers. I was in a sling for a long time and my fingers froze. I can ride now, but my whip tends to drop out of my hand all by itself.

  6. Lily looks beautiful...healthy and happy. Hope you are starting to feel better.

  7. Beautiful picture of Lily. She seems to pose for it, too.

    Sending more healing vibes for those injuries.

    How does the new "ticker" feel? Have you noticed any more energy? I should think you'd be feeling better...if it weren't for the injuries. *sigh*

  8. What a lovely girl she is! Our Shadow has a little white blot on his bottom lip just like that; I think it's absolutely adorable ;o)


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