Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coats of Summer

All my horses are in their fine summer coats.  I've had a number of bay horses, but never a chestnut in my entire history, and now I have two, and I'm enjoying their colors.  Today my horses were in paddocks while I was picking stalls - they've been coming in before mid-afternoon to miss the richest grass - and I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Here's my one bay (other than my retired Maisie) - Dawn - in her summer red coat.  In the winter she gets much darker, and when she sheds in the spring a lot of the shed hair is black.  She also has very subtle dapples on her rump that don't show up in pictures.  I love her "high black" stockings.

Her hindquarters are starting to muscle up nicely.

Pie has a full brother - I've met him - whose name is Copper, and Pie is exactly the same color:

Both his mane and tail are a rich, dark red, with some lighter highlights, and his tail is unusually thick and full:

He's starting to get back some of the muscling in his hindquarters that he lost while he was taking time off:

Drift is an even deeper red:

His mane is a wonderful mix of red, flaxen and white:

But his tail is a solid dark red, and is very long:

His body has a bit of roaning:

Drift's hindquarters aren't fully muscled up yet - note the hollow below the hips - all our trot and canter work should help that fill in:

Oh, and he's a camera hog, too:

One of things I love about being around horses is just looking at them and their beauty, every day.


  1. You have some beautiful horses, and I know what you mean about just enjoying looking at them. Sometimes I stare at Missy for a good bit and admire her every feature, and then smile:)

  2. I too had mostly bays, but now I have two chestnuts and one bay.

    Your little herd is beautiful. I do so agree with just enjoying their presence. Being around a horse is a spiritual experience.

  3. They all look great. We've only got the one chestnut (Nate) but it is one of the prettiest colors of horses in my book.

  4. Love the colors! Keil Bay is much like Dawn - he's a rich red bay but in winter gets much darker and then loses that black in the spring when he dapples out and looks like he's quite literally blooming. I think his coat color is the most changeable

    Cody is much like Drift - a very rich copper color but with flaxen mane and tail. Sometimes in the sun his coat is nearly blinding - like a new penny.

    I stand out with them just looking at the different muscles and colors and marvel - they're built so beautifully.

  5. When I first got into horses I thought bays were the prettiest color and that chestnuts were just plain old brown horses. Then I ended up with a couple and boy did my opinion change. I love the way they shine like a copper penny in the sun when they have their summer coat. Liver chestnut, copper chestnut, roan-ish chestnut -- I love them!

  6. Lovely coats!
    My bo's Sorrel in his older age has popped up with white spots, almost like a reverse appy. He's the same color as Drift. It's really beautiful. The vet said it's a sign of health..I've never seen it before.

    Your horses all look happy and healthy.

  7. I agree, they are stunningly beautiful!

  8. I shared Annette's view of chestnuts, having shown in the AQHA circuits back in the 1970s, where chestnut or sorrel was SO common. And I didn't like chrome. Too hard to keep clean. Ew.

    Then I had the chance to get a horse about 12 years ago. I wanted something "tall, greenbroke, a gelding, young" so I could learn to ride dressage. Didn't specify color or "trim."

    I have a 16hh OTTB, copper penny red, with SERIOUS chrome alert--four whites and a star, strip and snip. And, of course, that's ALL I see today ;o)

    Would love a bay, though. Love those black points. And they dapple so beautifully, too.

  9. I just love the way horses gleam in summer.

  10. Love your horses Kate - they are beautifully cared for and it shows in the gleaming coats and blossoming muscles.

    Bonnie is Chestnut - red red and more red except where she's white - wide blaze and three high white socks.

    Rosie is Liver Chestnut and dapples out nicely after her spring shed. Mane and tail are black.

  11. A stunning bunch! I try not to consider colour in my opinion of horses but I secretly am not a fan of guys might be changing my mind though!

  12. nice, just makes you want to reach out and stroke them! my retired Thoroughbred has dapples now - I must get a picture of him in the sun!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  13. Me, too. I'm often up in the paddock with Apache just watching her eat or just hanging out with her. And I can see my neighbor friend, Fantastyk Voyage's, horses from my living room and I love to watch their herd dynamics, especially when Yalla! and Scout run and play together.

    Your horses have shed out beautifully and look healthy and happy.


  14. All three of them are very striking horses. You can really see how much Pie has filled in in those pictures -he looks so much more grown up now!

  15. Even a few minutes a day spent with horses is a good day, especially if its a busy stressful day.
    I just can't wait for Rio to shed out and show us his true color.


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