Friday, June 10, 2011

Dawn at 14

Today is Dawn's 14th birthday!  She's been part of our equine family for almost ten years - she was an OTTB and we got her when she was 4.  She was a tiny thing when we got her - about 14.3 - and grew two more inches - she's now about 15.1.  When we got her, she was a clumsy and ungainly thing - she had to wear bell boots on her front feet 24/7 so she didn't step on herself, and now she is graceful and athletic.

Dawn's personality is her own - she's by turns sweet and fierce (she's our mare alpha) - she'll rest her head on your shoulder for a hug but then try to bite you if you do something she doesn't like.  She's amazingly sensitive and athletic and a real challenge to ride with care and finesse.  She is my younger daughter's soul horse, but my daughter is now living and working and going to school in New York City, so Dawn and I are now together.  She's been a real challenge to me, but she's a delight as well.  Here are some of my favorite photos in honor of her birthday.

Curious, as always:

I love this picture - she's in mid bite and there's a grass stem sticking out of her mouth:

From one of our first work sessions together the year before last:

Her incredible athleticism from the winter before last:

Sweetly sleeping in the hay:

From our work last fall:

Her "alert" expression:

Last winter - one foot on the ground and a snow mustache:

The black velvet nose:

Happy birthday to a wonderful and much-loved mare!


  1. Happy Birthday Dawn! Such a beautiful girl! I love the photo of her in purple...the blanket company would pay money for that one!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dawn!!! She is sooo lovely! The photos are all wonderful - it would be difficult to pick a favorite. She really blossomed into a beauty thanks to you you and your daughter and your quality care.

    I feel like I've known Dawn for a few of her birthdays now...that is what is great about blogs.

  3. Happy Birthday Dawn! Have a wonderful day.

  4. She's a really pretty horse. I'm still remembering and admiring your recent work with her at the Mark Rashid clinic. Great pictures!

  5. Happy birthday to Dawn - she is a lovely mare and it sounds like her 14th year is going to be great!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dawn! May you enjoy the love and care you deserve so much for many years to come.

  7. Happy birthday to Dawn--and hoping for many more wonderful years for her.

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  9. Happy birthday Dawn! Such a pretty horse, love the pictures of her.

  10. Happy Birthday to Dawn!
    She is a beautiful girl.
    I would love it if Griffin were 14 again :) I think that is the year he and I actually started to figure each other out. Our early years together were met with a lot of frustration and arguments. My poor guy did a great job putting up with me - LOL.
    I wish many more happy years to your lovely girl, Dawn :-)

  11. Happy Birthday, Dawn!! She is definitely a beautiful mare. :)

  12. Happy Birthday Dawn! Small world, my boss's mare celebrated her 11th birthday today:)

  13. Happy Birthday, great photos of the nose shot!


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