Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Today it got to 95F with a heat index near 100, and tomorrow is supposed to be the same, with intense sun.  I turned the horses out this morning shortly after 4 a.m. - the mosquitos were fierce - and mine came in at around 10 a.m.  At lunchtime, Pie was unhappy - eyes closed, pawing, not sweating much but just miserable.  He's got a fan, but it's small and mounted high and doesn't move much air.  I immediately hosed him off with cold water, and ran out to the hardware store to get him an additional box fan - it was the last one in the store.  He seemed to really appreciate it and perked right up and started eating hay.  Late this afternoon I took him up to his paddock to drink - he doesn't like to drink in his stall - and he had a huge drink - 32 swallows - yes, I counted.  I picked stalls and groomed all three horses - and got 6 ticks off various parts of Dawn - she seems to be a tick magnet.  Drift enjoyed being in the barn aisle and talking to all the mares, who were nickering back at him - I wish they wouldn't encourage his dreams of studliness.

The horses will be fed later this evening, and then at around 9 p.m. they'll be turned out, and Charisma and Pie will go out to their paddocks with hay.  Then Jill, Scout's owner, will bring in and feed at about 8 a.m. and the horses will go back into their stalls for most of the day.  After tomorrow, the weather's supposed to really cool off - I can't wait and I expect the horses will be happy too, although they're good about just dealing with whatever comes up - we could all learn from them.


  1. This is so early to be having these high temps. We had around 90 today but the humidity wasn't bad. The rest of the week will be torture in the high 90's. We're adjusting our turnouts too. I feel sorry for the horses, at least we can cool off in the air conditioned house for a while.

  2. Drift was whispering sweet nothings eh?! Too funny :) Glad you were able to make Pie more comfortable. Ticks have been terrible here - on Val and me. Wretched creatures, ticks. :)

  3. 32 gulps! 6 tIcks! 95 degrees! I keep track of all the same numbers that you do! This year we have had fewer ticks than usual, and I think our temps are predicted to climb. I know many would not agree with me, including the horses, but I'd still rather be hot than cold. it's just the bugs that I don't like. There are so mammy kinds. if you aren't eaten alive my black flies, you're sucked dry by mosquitoes! And the ticks! GROSS!

  4. 32 gulps! 6 ticks! 95 degrees! you count the same things I do!

  5. It's been like that here. Lilly is now on night turnout only and it seems to keep her a bit happier. The stalls are really airy and open so the air doesn't get too stale. I feel so guilty making her do work in these kinds of temperatures!

  6. I've been dreading the heat - we seem to get your weather a few days later. I've been reading your posts and preparing. Today was our last nice one. Tomorrow is supposed to be 97 and Thursday is to be worse! Thank you for saying that it will be cool after that.

    I love the image of Pie with his box fan and Drift in the aisle loving up the women.

  7. You painted a very steamy picture. I can see it all - the sweat, the bugs, the nickering to the mares, and Pie happily munching his hay under the fan. We've had unusually cool weather here - the nights are still in the 30s and the daytime highs in the mid 60s.

  8. your weather is just amazing - it seems like your horses just lost their winter coats and good thing.

    i don't know what a heat index is - is that a "feels like"?

    we've hit 90 and a humidity of 68% where i thought i'd just die. we shut all the curtains and stayed inside, it was impossible to be out there.

    i think your blog especially shows how much horses are better at dealing with cold than heat. me too!


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