Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two By 8:30

It's supposed to be another scorcher today with a heat index near 100F.  But it was pretty nice this morning - almost 80F with a good breeze.  The horses had been outside all night, so I brought my three in to eat their breakfasts and then rode Dawn and Drift.  (Pie's feet seem to feel fine now, but tomorrow's supposed to be much cooler and we're supposed to get some rain tonight which will soften up the hard trails, so that'll be a good day to restart our work program.)

Dawn was pretty relaxed, and we had a nice work session - lots of trotting, much of it on a loose rein for her to stretch down, and including lots of shortening and lengthening of stride and some leg yield.  She's really working well, and I'm planning a lot more lateral work - leg yield working towards half pass, shoulder in, haunches and in and renvers/haunches out - she's ready for this work.

Drift was up next.  I was very pleased with his work session - the trot-a-lope has pretty much disappeared as his trot has improved, and there were only two very brief attempts to balk/spin, which I instantly dealt with and which were over with in a few seconds.  We did lots and lots of transitions - I was checking to see if the balking would come back - it tends to show up after we walk or stand for a while and then ask for trot.  We did walk/trot/walk, we did halt/trot, we did stand around for a while then trot, we did back to immediate trot, we walked for a while on a loose rein and then trotted - and the balking didn't come back even once - it may be gone for good since he's probably figured out it doesn't get him anything.  He was very responsive to my aids for forward.  There was some bracing in the downwards transitions but that got better since I waited for him to soften in each case.  By the end of our session, his trot was "bright" - forward, relaxed and rhythmical, and he was carrying himself with softness.

There was still a nice breeze when I was done, so the horses went back out for a bit - they'll be coming in early to be under their fans before the morning is over.


  1. Sounds like you got done just in time

  2. We're in the middle of a heat wave, too, but I can't get out to the barn in the evening. I will have a cool trail ride swatting the bugs on one horse, and I'm not sure what I will do with the other. It's nice to know I am not the only one still riding in this heat.

  3. My Boys were in the barn already at breakfast time. I'm not sure they ventured out much at all during the day so far.

    Drift is really catching on. And, as his fitness increases, I'm guessing he is going to get even more steady. And Dawn is really doing well.

    It's clear your training is paying off in a big way.

  4. Good for you getting your rides in early. The more you describe Drift, the more he sounds like Val. Especially the "lovin' the ladies" side of him, and the trying different "tricks" to avoid work / be the boss.

    Your posts are very inspiring and helpful to me these days Kate. Thanks :)

  5. Dawn sounds like she's becoming a real superstar. Nice work.

    Drift really sounds much improved too. You call it a trot-a-lope I usually call it trolloping around. Same thing. Glad he's doing so much better.

    We've got the same weather. Not much fun.

  6. Sounds like you got a couple of good workouts in. It's too bad you're having such hot weather. Our problem is the dryness and the smoke in the air from the Arizona wildfires.

  7. Sounds like the heat wave that almost melted us over the past week; awful stuff! I sure hope this doesn't mean we're getting more since you're to the west of us (ugh). We had 3 record-breaking days somewhere around 102/103 (it was unreal! :oP
    It's cooler here now, mid-90s, but we need rain rather desperately (can you send us some of that please? ;o)

  8. It sounds like the weather isn't any better over in your neck of the woods *sigh*
    I do all I can just to take a short little ride with Grif -- I can't imagine riding 2....or 3. There was a time when I rode between 5 and 7 horses a day ( back when I first got Grif and I was working for a gentleman who owned a private farm).
    It makes me feel old and fat - that I can only manage my one anymore ( and mostly at an easy walk or trot). LOL

  9. I admire you riding two horses in this weather. I'm moving so slow that it takes all my energy to just muck, fill water buckets all day long - the girls are drinking like crazy and I'm not complaining about that - and hose them off with cold water every couple of hours. I'm going to do a raindance to break this heat!


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