Friday, July 29, 2011

Dragonfly Attack! and Two More Good Rides

A couple of days ago, Dawn and I had an odd experience.  She and I were taking a break, standing still on a loose rein for a moment in the ring, when suddenly, two enormous dragonflies flew up and started having a fight right in front of her face, rattling and banging into one another and then flying up and then crashing to the ground and then flying up again, battering into one another.  Dawn was so surprised that she didn't have time to spook or do anything else before they were gone - dragonfly attack!

I managed to ride Drift two days in a row - I'm trying to ride him with some consistency.  He now stands still for mounting. Yesterday we had to work through a bracing issue going right - it could be that the stiffness in my left shoulder was affecting him, but we got it done and ended up with a little bit of trot work. Today he was nice and soft at the walk, his halt transition was good and his backing was fine, so we managed some trot work.  It was hot and he's out of shape so there were a number of attempts to stop trotting, but we worked through it and by the end he gave me some really nice trot in both directions.

When I was done riding Drift, Charisma's owner had come to the barn and I got Pie ready so we could go on a short trail ride with her - I rarely have anyone to ride with so took advantage of this - we went out for about 20 minutes, some of the time with Pie following and some of the time with him leading - he did great, although we did elect not to go by the house with major construction work (saws, generators, etc. in the back yard).  Pie was doing a very nice, long-strided walk - the best he's been walking - could be the better fit of the reflocked saddle, could be that he's feeling good.  Whatever it is, I'll take it.  When we got back to the barn, I took Pie into the arena for some brief trot work and Charisma left to do another trail loop - he wanted to go with her and was whinnying for her - I think there's more trail in his future.


  1. Good stuff. It's quail flying up or jack rabbits darting out in front that challenges our rides.


  2. Sounds like a lovely day, except for the kamikazi dragonflies. How nice that you had someone to ride with.

  3. Yay for summer rides with friends. How fantastic to get a couple of good rides in. It is such a good thing to go out on the trail and lead some of the time and then fall back and follow. You are teaching great trail riding habits. Having a horse that wont go out in front has its disadvantages well done you!!!.

  4. Nice to see that you're back riding a lot and trotting too.

  5. I am so happy that you are riding again. I really thought that when you took your spill, that your summer riding and all the progress you were making were going to be for naught. Shows how much I know. I am truly inspired by you.


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