Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grooming Times Three, Pie Grazes and a New Helmet

This morning I drove to the tack store - it's about 40 minutes each way so the longest outing I've made since my accident.  I took in some rain sheets to be washed and rewaterproofed, and bought some Eqyss spray for Pie's odd fungus looking patches on his hips.  But the main purpose of my trip was to buy a new helmet - I can't ride yet but I'm beginning to get my hopes up.  I ended up getting a Troxel Spirit helmet in basic black - I liked it for its good ventilation.  To improve the fit, the tack store gave me some glue-on strips for the sides - the fit is now very good once I adjusted the straps.

Pie has started a bit of grazing again.  Our grass is pretty dried up now since we haven't had any rain in quite a while.  He had 20 minutes yesterday and 40 minutes today.  Yesterday I put Scout in with him, but when Scout went to say hi, Pie bucked and kicked out and went right back to grazing - I guess socializing takes a back seat to grazing right now.  I'm keeping an eye on the temperature in his feet and his digital pulses, but I'm expecting he'll be OK now.

And I managed a new milestone today - I light groomed all three horses, including brushing out their tails using Show Sheen.  I was pretty pleased by that!  I was also very pleased with Drift's behavior - we worked a bit on his leading when he came in from turnout and he quickly recovered his proper behavior.  When I put him on cross ties to groom, he was directly in front of Sugar's and Dawn's stall - they're both in heat.  Dawn was squealing and kicking and Sugar was nickering and peeing.  Drift nickered a couple of times, but stopped when I asked him to and stood perfectly still for his grooming.  I think he liked the attention - he hasn't had that much for a while.

Tomorrow I see the orthopedic doctor again.  My shoulder/collarbone is doing better, although there are still certain motions that are painful.  I'm walking about 1/2 mile in the mornings and hope to increase that.  The only issue I'm having is that the more I more normally, the more my upper back, neck, back of shoulder and ribs on the left side hurt - there was a lot of bruising there and things are pretty sore.  The fatigue is getting slowly better, but I still take a rest in the middle of the day.  For less than four weeks since my accident, I think things are going pretty well!


  1. You know you're feeling better when you want to go to the tack store! Although I could probably be in traction and I'd still want to go.

    I hate to admit this, but I even still like to look at the Breyer horses that they have at the tack store. I always tell myself that I'm looking for presents for my nieces! :)

  2. New helmets are fun - but not as much when you have to get one because of an accident like your's!
    I bought a new one because the plastic on mine became sticky. I think it reacted to fly spray. I decided that maybe sticky plastic might not be as protective as the original version.
    I'm glad you are getting out - hooray!

  3. I think you're doing really well for the short time it's been since your accident.

    Glad you got to spend time with the horses today and work with them a little.

    Like the new helmet. I've got a Troxel one, I think it's a Dakota now sure, for the summer too. The velvet ones are just too hot. Bet you can't wait to wear it!

  4. That looks like a nice helmet, I like the ventilation. Slow and steady, you'll be riding again soon!

  5. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well. Let us know what the ortho says. You are working hard on your recovery and it shows!

  6. I have a couple of horses off the grass now, too. I can't believe I'm actually excited for it to dry up! It's getting there. I can't believe it's almost been four weeks since the accident. Hope you get to use that new helmet soon.

  7. Sounds liek you are doing very well in your recovery .

  8. More than pretty well, I'd say!

    Keep doing what you're doing...and you'll be wearing that helmet on a back of a horse before long.


  9. I've been on blogcation since mid-June, so missed your wreck. Sounds like a doozy.

    Have you been reading the Drafts With Dots blog on Fridays? It's all about working through the inevitable fear. Heather got trampled a few months back and is working hard to come back from it.

    Glad you are feeling better.


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