Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Storm and a Farrier Visit

Yesterday we had a huge storm blow through at about 8 in the morning - the maximum wind gusts were 80 mph and the rain was sheeting down for about 20 minutes.  There are over 500,000 people in the area without power - we lost our power for almost 8 hours, and there are many still without power.  Many large trees and limbs came down - our area doesn't have that many large trees but areas that had older trees had big losses.

The horses were out during the storm and did fine - our pastures have no trees so no trees or limbs blowing around.  It's been very hot and very dry, so immediately after the storm, all the horses took turns rolling in the large mud puddles that had appeared - they were slathered with wet mud, which I expect helped with the flies as the temperatures climbed up into the 90sF again.  In the afternoon, I brought my three mud puppies in for a rinse off with cool water - even Pie and Drift are getting used to this and seemed to enjoy it a bit because of the heat.  My shoulder's a bit sore today because, as I was taking Drift out of the pasture gate, Scout decided he'd had enough of the flies and was heading to the barn, and forced his way between Drift and the gate post - it's a narrow gate - knocking Drift and me to one side - Scout is a good 6 inches taller and several hundred pounds heavier than Drift.  I was on the other side of Drift and was about to get squashed against the fence so kept my left hand pushing on Drift's neck to buy a little room.  I'm a little surprised Drift didn't kick Scout - Scout squeezed right against Drift's butt and side.  Scout headed off to the barn at a trot and Drift, despite the excitement, continued his good behavior as we led in.  Today when I took Drift out of the pasture, I was careful to firmly shoo Scout well away from the gate before taking Drift out.

Today was farrier day for my three - Dawn was reshod in front and Pie and Drift had trims.  Everyone, Drift included, was extremely well-behaved.  I'm very glad that all my horses are now good for the farrier - and my farrier's happy about that, too. All feet look in good condition.  Pie's up to 2 1/2 hours of grazing and continues to walk well, even over stones after his trim.  And I'm up to 2+ miles of walking, although I still have to stop and rest from time to time.  Getting closer . . .


  1. Geez, that's just what you would need during this delicate healing time. Glad Drift kept his head.

  2. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear you're continuing to improve each day, and relived to read that Drift was well-behaved for you, and didn't crush you against the gate.
    Apache's farrier appt was today, too. She was very good for him as well.
    Afterwards, she decided to stay in the barn with me and watched as I oiled and cleaned my tack. I think she knows something is up. I hope she is as happy about our upcoming ACTHA ride as I am :)


  3. I heard about that storm...you all made national news, of course!

    I'm glad you didn't get too squished in the gate situation. Considering your descriptions of Drift's studdy behavior, I think he must really care about you to avoid the temptation to kick Scout. He probably figured if he kicked out you might wind up getting hurt! What a good boy.

  4. Your hard work and firm but fair attitude with Drift has really paid off. Glad you're doing better and well into your recovery.

  5. I'm quite impressed with Drift's good behavior under some pretty trying circumstances. Glad you are basically OK...though perhaps a little more sore than you should be.

    We've had a number of pretty dramatic thunderstorms come through here lately, but fortunately the winds didn't get quite as bad as you describe.

    Have to laugh a bit at your equine mudpies. Best it felt really good to them to get in a wet roll like that.

  6. Be careful Kate! You are doing so well! 80 mph winds! Wow.

  7. My horses drop and roll as soon as the rain quits; it must tickle as it trickles down them ,and especially when the rain stops and they start drying off. We had a thundershower today, and I had to deal with mud-puppies too.
    All your patient training is paying off. Good work, Kate.

  8. Sounds like a crazy storm. Glad everyone was okay. What a good boy Drift was when Scout pushed him. Not many horses would be so calm. You can't afford any shenenagins - all I could think of when I was reading this was 'please don't squeeze her ribs' :)

  9. I really don't like big storms like that. We have a lot of trees in our back paddock and in the lane way next to us. I am always afriad of branches coming down on the fences but we have been lucky so far.

    Sounds like you had a lucky escape with Scout - naughty pony!

    Good ponies for standing quietly for the farrier!

    Don't forget to take it easy though and don't push things! :)

  10. Glad to hear you didn't get squashed when Scout came through. Drift was really a good boy, amazing what some basic training will do. So good that you're making so much progress.

  11. Laughing at the mudpuppy comment - since one of mine rolled in the wet clay, I can see your mud puppies in my mind!
    You are amazing! Your resolve to get back to square 1 is wonderful. All of that hard work certainly is paying off. I bet your Doctors are impressed with your recovery!


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