Friday, September 9, 2011

Grazing in Formation, and More Yucky Dawn Pictures

Today it's cloudy and threatening to rain - a perfect day for taking photos!  I was taking some nature photos, but as always, I gravitated to the pastures (attracted by the black holes that are horses).  I visited a bit with Drifter in his turnout - as usual, I ended up pretty quickly with a nose shot:

But then he started looking for the mares, so I managed a profile view:

Sugar had to come up and say hi:

Dawn graced me with a nose shot:

Here's how her neck is looking - it looks nasty but it's actually on the way to being better:

In the worst areas, there's a lot of scabbing and the top layer of skin and hair is coming off - you can see the black skin underneath:

Dawn had enough of that, and said adios:

and went off to graze with Misty:

A distant shot of Sugar and Misty grazing in formation:

The three geldings were also grazing in formation - that's Pie in front, Fritz in the middle and Scout in the back:

And Fritz showed me his sweet face:

If the rain holds off, I might get in a ride later today . . .


  1. I can't believe how much grass you still have in your pasture, and how green it is. We have cool weather grass here, and by this time of year, it's dead and gone. Our pastures look like they've been sprayed with weed killer and mowed. And...the temps have been the hottest we've experienced all summer long. Go figure!! What a strange year it's been. Temps have been in the mid to upper 90's for 2-3 weeks now and this weekend it's rising even higher again. A true Oregonian, I'm looking forward to fall and its' brisk temps again. I'm wilting like an English rose lately! Beautiful shots of your horses!! Dawn looks like she's suffering from a skin allergy. Have you given her any dex powder or some pred orally to help clear it up? For topical relief, Emu oil is very soothing, as is cortisone cream.

  2. C-ingspots - Dawn's skin condition is a reaction to several wasp stings she got about two weeks ago - she was fine for several days and then her whole neck swelled like a balloon - either a bacterial infection (like cellulitis) or else an immune system overreaction to the stings. She's had two courses of antibiotics and until recently she was also being treated DMSO/furacin once a day. The skin issues are due to the extreme swelling, which damaged the skin and killed the hair follicles, according to our vet.

  3. That grass! Ours is so stunted - but it did rain a tad the other day and at least it's a little green now. Love the trio of gelding photo.

  4. Nice pictures - even the 'yucky' ones.


  5. Great pictures. Dawn is looking better. I'm sure she's feeling better too. Hope you get a ride in and it doesn't rain.

  6. You take great pictures! Those horses look like that have a nice place to live. Ours is all muddy now. . .it has been raining for days!
    Yay for Dawn getting better!

  7. Love Fritz's perfect diamond and Sugar's almost heart.

    Dawns muzzle looks to be very expressive.

    Love how Pie is looking at you while you take the picture.

    And Drifts whiskers make me giggle, but I really love his profile.

    Thank you for sharing Kate.

  8. I'm so glad Dawn;s neck is getting better and better.


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