Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Essay and Pictures of Pie's Daddy

Pie seems to be doing somewhat better - he's eating and drinking well.  He did have a brief "episode" last night about 45 minutes after feeding time, where he was lying down and clearly a bit uncomfortable, although not as bad as the previous night.  It'll take a while for the antibiotics to have an effect, but at least the anti-inflammatories are helping him be more comfortable.  I actually got a good night's sleep for once.

It's a beautiful day - cool and sunny - so I made a trip to the barn to take some pictures.  Here's Charisma hanging out in her paddock:

Drifter was impatiently waiting for the other horses to come back within view:

Misty's still got the summer "frosting" on her rump:

Scout (in front) and Fritz (behind) were doing their synchronized grazing moves:

Pie looked fairly pleased to see me, since I didn't have a halter or any meds in my hand:

Pie decided to chase Scout:

But things settled right back down:

I seem to love to take pictures of Pie's hindquarters and his beautiful, thick, deep red tail:

Pie's former owner was out in Montana recently, and was kind enough to send me some photos of Pie's sire, Cody's Red Glo - I think he's standing on a downhill slope here - this also gives a good picture of the environment Pie was born in and where he lived until he was a weanling:

Pie's sire looks to be shorter than Pie, and a darker shade of red, but has the about the same build - although Pie also looks a lot like his dam - here's the post with Pie's baby pictures.  Pie's sire has more white, including a big blaze:

Now we know where the deepness of jowl and "Pie face" come from!:

The person in the left of the photo is the gentleman I got Pie from:

I'm glad to have these pictures - Pie's the first horse I've ever had baby pictures of or pictures of sire and dam, and that's pretty darn cool!


  1. That is cool to have pictures of Pie as a baby and of his parents!
    Glad Pie seems to be feeling better! He is so beautiful! All the horses loo like they are enjoying their day!

  2. I know how you feel. Wish I could have pictures of all the sires and dams of my herd. You're lucky to have Pie's pictures. Glad he's feeling a bit better and you got a night's sleep. It's like having kids at home sick again isn't it? Great pictures.

  3. Oh, I love having a photo of my horse ( that is coming next week) as a baby (a video, even) and both parents. I have papers for my Oberon and googled his parents name, but no such luck. I think your Pie definitely has daddy's cheek bones. A very handsome guy you own.

  4. Yea for pictures! :) What a handsome lineage Pie comes from. I do hope he feels 100% soon, poor guy. I'm sure it's keeping his normal sweet personality at bay at bit. LOVE having pictures from their past :)

  5. It's funny how much we cherish the baby photos and "mom and dad" photos too--we are constantly assessing our horses visually and I think that's why these photos mean so much.

  6. Well, family photos are no problem for the horses I sell! Lol!

  7. His sire is a hadnsome fellow.Glad he is feeling better

  8. They are such a pretty red color! Pie does have a lovely thick tail. it's so cool to have family photos.

  9. I think I have more baby pictures of Taya (who was born here) than my two-legged daughter. *laugh* Fun to have those "family" photos, isn't it?

    I wonder if Pie was simply reminding Scout that you are HIS person (so bug off ;o)

  10. OH Kate, I have just caught up about Pie. I really hope he will be ok. Poor little bugger, must be painful for him.
    Love the pictures!!!!!!

  11. Pie sure has a pretty coat. So shiny!

  12. That is really cool! I know a lot about Lena since we're friends with her breeders, but there aren't a lot of pictures. And Bar is an empty canvas until he started racing, and not much photographic evidence even then.

    Hope Pie starts feeling better!

  13. Catching up again...been kind of under the weather with my knees and not exactly prone to sitting at the computer for long.

    It's so nice to have family photos for Pie.

    Here are some good wishes for his speedy recovery. You, as usual, are doing all you can for him and being a more than responsible owner. He's lucky to have you.


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