Friday, November 18, 2011

More Wind But Quieter Horses

No riding again today - it's a bit warmer but the wind is really howling.  When I turned Drifter out, he and Sugar had to sniff noses under the electric.

Sugar struck and squealed, and then first Misty -

and then Dawn - had to come up to see what was happening. Drifter seemed to be losing interest - he wants to act like a stud but then seems to lose track of what he might do next - which is just as well.

Dawn was easier to catch today - instead of airs above the ground I saw this - of course this was the day I had my camera - and she didn't even move away when I approached to halter her - I'll take that!

Now if the wind would just ease up a bit . . .


  1. Yep, wind is a real problem. Hopefully, things will get better. Nice pictures.


  2. Drifter talks the talk, but he can't walk the walk... ;)

  3. Hate the wind. It just makes everything harder when it blows away reason.

  4. Poor Drifter, all talk and no action. Glad they're all calmer today. It's cold here too but no wind so I'll take that.


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