Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wind Chill of 22F With Dancing Horses

It's even colder today - low 30sF with a strong wind gusting to 25mph - at noon the wind chill was 22F, although the sun is shining brightly, which helps a little.  When I turned Drifter out, he strutted his stuff up to the fenceline with the mares - Sugar's in raging heat - he did his really big trot and his neck was all arched.  Later, while I was working on catching Dawn, he did some more prancing around, at one point with his tail flagged and even up over his back.  Dawn was excited and did not want to be caught - I wished I'd had a camera - she was galloping, and bucking, and kicking out, and leaping up with all four feet off the ground and twisting - the other mares were running with her and trying to keep out of the way - and she was even doing her huge rears - paw, rear, paw, rear - and some beautiful big trot with her neck all rounded.  I just patiently kept heading to where she was going and she finally stopped and let me halter her - once the halter was on she was as good as gold.

No riding today . . .


  1. I can't imagine why on earth you didn't want to ride such frisky horses in blustery, cold weather conditions!!

    A wise choice I say :)

  2. Kate, I'm surprised. You're my hero as you seem to ride in all kinds of weather. I sure wouldn't ride with a wind chill of 22 but I thought you would snicker at such cold.

    Just kidding. Wise choice.


  3. Now that is getting cold! Here we are still in the 13-14 deg C! This late in the year? Its not right.

    Horses, love to display to each other, a sight to see!

  4. You described their antics to well, I found my self with a big smile on my face. What fun! and brrr

  5. I can just see Dawn and her 'airs above the ground'. What fun (when one is watching and not riding!)

  6. Oh those actions sounded like they would have been great pictures!! I forgot to ask; have u started blanketing yet? We are still naked. Well, Laz He's got a GREAT coat this Fall easing into winter, but still has low coverage over ribs so I'll be watching to make sure he stays dry (great shelter) and is not shivering. I'm always curious to read what others do.

  7. Kristen - I rarely blanket - usually only rainsheets for the wet and heavy blankets if the wind chills are in the 10 above range, or sometimes if wet snow is expected, or if it's very windy. All my horses have great coats and are in good weight. But I judge based on the horse's comfort - behavior and the temperature of the ears are good indicators. Dawn, for example, usually has to be blanketed at warmer temperatures than the others, but this year she seems more comfortable with the cold than usual.

  8. Yep. Definitely a brush the horses kind of day. There was something in the atmosphere, we had major antics in our area too, but it was a day I chose not to go to the barn.


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