Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dawn is Even Better, and March is Almost Here

After five days of riding, I gave Dawn a day off yesterday and just groomed her.  She had a long cut on her hip - looks like a bite - although she was wearing her heavy Rambo turnout blanket.  And sure enough, when I inspected the blanket, it was torn at that spot - that must have been some bite as those blankets are tough.  So it's another blanket off for mending . . .  Fortunately, I have another heavy blanket she can wear on cold days.  She's also still looking very thin.  If her weight doesn't start to improve by next week, I'll be adding some supplemental high fat feed.

Today we had a very nice ride.  We did a bit of lungeing first - I use this to check her energy level and(begin to get her attention, although I suspect we won't have to be doing lungeing first for much longer.  This was Dawn's sixth ride since being brought back into work (at the new barn) after a several months layoff.  Her lungeing work was very good - to the left her trot was relaxed and she was doing some stretching down, and we even did some very nice canter work on the lunge, and her transitions were good.  To the right, she's a bit stiff - it looks like the left hind needs to warm up more than the right - and she tends to want to carry her head to the outside.  I moved the line to attach it to the side of the noseband, instead of below the chin (she was in the fuzzy nose halter) to help her keep her head slightly bent to the inside.

Our mounted work was really good - there was some real relaxation at the walk, and her trot work is improving.  There were some glimpses of relaxation, mixed in with lots of circles and serpentines and a few straight lines when she relaxed.  There was a young girl lessoning on a very forward pony, and at one point the pony was really careening around - almost out of control - but the girl managed to get him back and Dawn coped really well with it.  I was delighted with how well she's doing.

Pie and Drifter are scheduled to make the trip up to Wisconsin for their month of training next Thursday, weather permitting.  I'm pretty excited about that, too.  Heather is all ready for them, and they (and pretty soon I) will be going to boot camp - improvements are likely all around . . .


  1. sounds like thingsa are coming together well, funny about Pie in the last post! Hard to know what will set them off sometimes

  2. Three good horses, no doubt about it.

    I have my Toby on Purina Healthy Edge. Higher fat and lower carbohydrates. He's older of course--22, but so far he did put on weight. He would not eat any of those weight gain feed supplements and didn't like oil added to his feed. Kind of a challenge getting weight on a TB sometimes.

    Wonder if Dawn is spending too much time fussing in the herd trying to gain some status? It's darn hard to rip a Rambo, that's for sure. It could account for some of the weight loss.

  3. Change can bring on weight loss, plus the stress from the other horses going after her. Is she getting beet pulp? I think she loves having you What a good girl. You must be very happy to be riding again. Your boot camp is going to be exciting.

  4. Dawn sounds wonderful. Looks like my filly won't get into training until March now. Our trainer thought there'd be a March opening, but they didn't want to take their horses yet. It's going to be April 1st for us.


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