Friday, February 17, 2012

First Dawn Ride in Over Two Months

Dawn continues to sort things out in the herd.  Yesterday she came in with a scrape on the front of her left front cannon bone (glancing kick?) that wasn't much of an issue.  Today when I was grooming I could see two dusty hoofprints, one on the underside of her left barrel and the other on her left stifle.  It didn't even break the skin, but she clearly was double-barreled by someone.  I was there at bring in and Dawn was hanging well away from the horses at the gate, and one of the dominant mares would threaten her every time she moved close.  The good news is there's no swelling or heat so far, and Dawn is completely sound at the walk.  But she's off at the trot, so we didn't do much lungeing, just a bit at the walk in both directions.

I was very proud of her - I rode her for the first time in over two and a half months, in a new place, and she was perfect.  Her excellent behavior started right at the beginning - she stood like a rock on a loose rein by the mounting block and waited for me to get settled.  We did some nice walking work for about 15 minutes - lots of circles and turns, exploring all parts of the arena, and she was completely sound throughout and clearly comfortable walking.  There were two other horses working in there and she was good for that as well.  It was great - good Dawn!  I gave Dawn a gram of Bute to help with the soreness in her stifle, and with some luck she'll feel better in a day or so and we can start adding a bit of trot to our work as she gets back into shape.  I'm keeping fingers crossed that she'll stay out of trouble in the pasture so we don't have new injuries to cope with.


  1. Dawn gets an A+, but so does her trainer because we all know this excellent behavior doesn't occur without lots of hard work. Well done!

  2. Well done with the ride...both of you. Glad you got on with no anxiety and even happier to hear how well-behaved Dawn was.

    Hope the herd thing sorts itself out soon. I guess Dawn is really trying to establish herself. Bute was a super idea.

    (I'm telling everyone, I HATE Blogger's new word verification thingie. I have it turned off on my blog.)

  3. Hopefully they get the herd situation sorted out soon. Injuries are definitely one of the down sides to large herd turnout, but once things are established, it's wonderful.

    Sounds like you had a nice ride!

  4. Glad to hear it was a good ride and she behaved wonderfully. Hope she figures things out in her herd soon.

  5. It's good that you had a nice ride with Dawn. I'll bet that she's really glad to see you each time you come. When I put Silk in a big herd while we lived in Virginia, the alpha mare "adopted" her as her best friend and wouldn't let any of the other horses near her. The only time there was trouble was when the alpha mare went after Siete and Silk attacked her to defend her daughter. Herd dynamics are fascinating. I enjoy your descriptions and hope you keep telling us how Dawn adjusts. Sounds like this was a very good move.


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