Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lily Gets a Body Clip

Lily has always had a heavy winter coat, but she's in her mid-20s now and has developed Cushings, so this winter her coat was even heavier than normal, and she no longer sheds out well.  So Melissa, down at Paradigm Farms, undertook the heroic job of body-clipping her, starting with a bath - and Lily HATES baths and isn't unclear about her feelings (at any time).  I thought you might enjoy the before and after photos - there's still a good-looking horse under the yak fur - here's Melissa's post.


  1. She looked like a goat being sheared. We'll give Betty's Icelandic gelding a full body clip in late April. He always looks great when he's clipped.


  2. Wow what a difference, she doesnt even look like the same horse under all that hair!

  3. My old mare has a heavy coat (and I've worried a bit about Cushing's) but she doesn't look anything like Lily! Wow. The one good thing is that the heavy coats probably really help keep them toasty during the winter months!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Lily is lovely. And Norman is too cute, as usual.

    I did not know that you could clip a horse wet. I can see how it would cut down on floating hair and dust, something that would have my allergies roaring!

  5. Had to clip two of my older horses in the past, not because of Cushings...they were both fine...but neither one had the same lightweight coat they'd had when they were younger.

    Even shiny and shed out, their coats were thicker, almost as if nature had decided their older bodies needed more cover. Kind of interesting. I ended up clipping just so they could be cooler once the heat of summer struck. Both bays, if that makes a difference....


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