Friday, April 27, 2012

Do You Have the Right Horse?

Thanks to Jessica of Spotty Horse News for linking to this post, from the LOPE Ranch in Texas - they rehome racehorses.  The topic of the post is whether you have the right horse or not - for you, and for the horse.  Be sure to read the questions at the end of the post - where do you and your horse come out on those?  A pretty thoughtful take on the subject . . .


  1. Thank you for posting that link. I read the post and the questions and it was exactly what I needed to read today. Amazing how the universe provides.......

  2. Thanks for the link -- this was an excellent article. It certainly resonated with me... I had a hard time letting my previous horse, Auke, go despite being not well matched at all.

  3. Page was my big lesson in horsey mistakes. There were mistakes right from the beginning. First I got sucked into the "going to auction" part of the ad. Then I didn't educate myself on Quarter Horses breeding enough. I didn't try to negotiate. I didn't test ride her. I bought a green horse. I put her in training with the barn trainer rather than the right trainer, and in the end I had a dangerous horse that wasn't of much interest to anyone else due to all of the things I just mentioned. Very regretful on so many levels.

    My new horse? I think I got it right this time. I bought a breed I was passionate about. Already trained for the discipline I was interested in by a trainer with a track record. A horse that was ridden and shown by an amateur. I test rode her. We negotiated. And I got a horse that looks after me. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her.

    I see people look down on others for giving up on horses and rehoming them (you didn't give that horse a life home and now you don't know what will happen to them). But sometimes it's the best decision. Sometimes you are not the right owner and you have to trust that someone else is.

  4. I have had many horses over the years. Most were right for me, some not. Right now I think I have the right fit for me with one of them but the gelding I got last year for my husband is not mixing well. I need a more gentle horse for my novice rider husband.


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