Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pie and Dawn Updates

Pie is settling in very well.  He seems to enjoy his paddock space, and is eating well.  He does call from time to time if the horses in the adjacent pasture move away, but he doesn't get fussed about it.  When I brought him through the barn aisle, it was clear that Dawn recognized him - she called to him and was quite interested in sniffing noses through the bars.  I gave Pie a day off today, but did take him for a hand walk around the big arena and also up to the outdoor arena, which is a ways away from the barn.  He didn't blink an eye at anything, even the tractor and drag racing around the indoor, and walked nicely with me.  The outdoor arena is grass, with a sand track around the outside, so he got to hand graze for about 15 minutes.  Tomorrow we'll do a little work, and I'll graze him for about 30 minutes.

Dawn is on day two of her treatment with Oroquin-10 for EPM - see the EPM page for all the details on the disease, testing and treatment.  I did saddle her up and got on her briefly, but she felt "wallowy" to me, just as Drifter did when he was infected, so I got right off again.  The trainer who was in the ring said that she could see what I was talking about.  Poor girl - I'm hoping we'll start to see some improvement in a few days, as we did with Drifter and Pie's course of treatment.


  1. So glad you caught Dawn's bug! She'll make it though just like the boys did, I'm sure.
    Neat that Pie's settling right in. But it doesn't sound like a very safe place if they allow the tractors to drag race in the arena... ;-)

  2. Hope Dawn starts to feel better. This will give you time to play with Pie though. Can't wait to read all about it. He sounds like he returns with a steady mind.

  3. Good news about Pie. He seems to have grown up in his boot camp experience.

    Wishing Dawn well. Hope the medicine performs wonders for her too. She was just starting to thrive at the new barn, too. Wonder if the EPM had an impact on her weight loss?


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