Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Red (with Videos)!

Today is Red's 11th birthday, and I was up in Wisconsin to ride him, and Heather agreed to take some videos. &njsp;I was delighted with how well he's doing - there are still lots of things we're working on but a lot of the big things - the big braces, worry and inability to let a human make the decisions - are pretty much gone.  When he moves back to my new barn in June, I expect some of that will reappear, but I also expect it'll go away again pretty quickly.  Just within the last two weeks, he's clearly started to really let go of some of his old worries and bad learning, and just relax into human leadership.  Sometimes the bracing reappears when we ask something new of him, but it also goes away much more quickly than it used to - instead of "I have to do it this way or I'll die!" we get "should I do it this way or that way? - which would you prefer?".

Video one is a short sequence of trot to walk:

Video 2 is some big to short trot work, with a bit of bending around poles at the end:

Video 3 shows some walk to trot work - with some loose rein trot work in the middle:

  Video 4 is a very short sequence of backing:

Video 5 is some trot to canter to trot to canter work:

Video 6 shows some trot figure work before right lead canter - his harder lead - Heather and I think his left hind is still a bit weaker due to his EPM episode:

Video 7 shows a trot/canter right lead departure, and later a canter/trot downwards transition:

Video 8 shows walk to trot to longer trot:

Video 9 shows some more trot work:

Video 10 shows some left lead canter work - his easier lead:

Video 11 shows some right lead canter work, including several transitions:

Red is an extraordinary horse - I'm very fortunate to have him - he's taught me a lot already and I expect I have more to learn - happy birthday, Red!


  1. Happy Birthday Red! You're a special guy. The videos look good, he's really come far.

  2. Happy Birthday! what a lovely nice moving fellow! Love to see his nose drop as he relaxed into backing up. NO advice on the videos , I have a heck of a time loading them , very often I give up and load to You tube and link to here as it is quicker

  3. Happy birthday to Red! He's really shaping up. :)

    Regarding video - what works for me is to (create a channel on youtube and) upload there - it's pretty quick. Then you can copy the embedded code, and paste it into the blogger html screen when you are writing your post. Just make sure you have your cursor where you want the video to show up.

  4. Happy Birthday, Red! The videos look wonderful - he is doing so well!

  5. I use Youtube and embed the video using HTML (copy\paste) that youtube graciously supplies.

    He's looks very good and has come such a long way.

  6. Happy Birthday Red- he sure is looking good. He is so much more relaxed now, and I bet you're still smiling after that ride.

  7. Happy Birthday to Red! He looks great on the videos!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Red!

    He really is a lovely mover. And the bracing is minimal. I have a feeling it feels like a lot more when you are on his back than it looks in the videos.

    You are doing a super job of nice quiet riding on him.

    1. Thanks - I'm loving the combination of relaxation with his forward and power - we had forward and power before but without relaxation we couldn't use it properly. And you're right, he feels very powerful - he's a lot of fun to ride.

  9. Happy Birthday Red! He looks great and he is so pretty!!

  10. happy birthday red sorry its late :P love the videos

  11. Happy Birthday, Red! He really is making great progress.

  12. What a nice horse!
    Happy birthday, Red.

  13. I'm catching up on some of my reading so I am late to the party. I agree with Jean above, the bracing must feel a lot worse than it looks in the videos. He's really coming along nicely, you must be really excited!

  14. Happy Birthday Red!!!!! You're doing such a fantastic job with him. He looks great! I love how forward he is. He looks like a lot of fun to ride.

    I meant to comment on your post with Dawn's videos that I love when you give her a long rein trot break. Most people give a walk break on a long rein, but I think the trot is a fantastic way to let her stretch how and to help her relax. Anyway just wanted to say good job!!


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