Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Mark Rashid Clinic Videos

I have some video from day three of the clinic - there may be more video taken by another clinic participant, but I don't have that yet.  The day three video unfortunately included no useable Pie footage and also stopped before the bolt by Red, but there are some good bits that show the type of excellent work Mark does.  There is, of course, also some great Red spam which I've also included - watching him move is almost as much fun as riding him.

First, here are some great examples of how Mark works.  The first one relates to the trouble Red and I were having with our walk/trot transitions - Red was leaping into trot, or even canter.  Mark immediately identified the problem as my over-cuing - Red is the sort of horse who really doesn't need physical cues - thought and energy are all that are needed.  Here is Mark demonstrating how to cut down a cue, and then cut it again, and then again, and finally reduce it to a thought:  cutting the cue video.

Here's Mark giving me what I call the "no excuses" lecture - it's a pretty powerful message for all of use who work with horses:  no excuses video.

And here's an example of the sorts of things Mark notices - I apparently have an unconscious "tic" that interferes with my breathing and therefore my riding:  keep breathing video.

And now on to Red spam.  This first short video of trot also shows the "watching my shadow" behavior Mark was talking about in the previous video:  Red trot video.

The next video is of Red doing his lovely trot, including partly on a loose rein:  Red beautiful trot video - (at the end you'll hear Pie whinny and one of Mark's dogs barking - my dog is sure there's a real dog in the house somewhere!).

And finally, a clip of Red's canter - this was before I made some adjustments to improve his canter - keeping breathing, not leaning and watching my shadow, and thinking about making his footfalls lighter (no cuing involved, just thinking) which made it even better:  Red left lead video.

Hope you enjoyed these - I'm hoping there will be more!


  1. Looks awesome!! I'm so sad though I can't hear what Mark is saying. I hate being so hard of hearing. I have the sound all the way up on the video and on my computer and I still can't hear him. :( I still enjoyed watching them. :) Can't wait to see the others if you manage to get a hold of them. Thanks for sharing your clinic experience with us!!

  2. Red looks good but I wish the videos were longer. Love his horse too.

    1. Sorry they're short - I figured that no one would want to watch long videos.

  3. I agree, longer videos. Red really is looking good.

    1. Shirley - sorry about that - quality of the videos wasn't very good - a lot of very tiny horse in the far distance.


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