Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Reorganization - 10 Tabs

I'm thinking about doing a reorganization of the blog, so that there are more pages with specific topics, some of which will link to outside resources or posts.  This will allow readers (not sure how many of those there are these days) to find things more easily, and allow me to clean up the sidebars.  Blogger allows up to 10 separate pages/tabs (including the live post page), and here are the ones I'm thinking about doing:

1.  Horses page, with pictures of the crew and brief histories.  I may put some of my "Steps on the Journey" links there.

2.  Mark Rashid clinics page, with links to clinic posts.

3.  Recommended books page, with links to my reviews and outside links.

4.  Work log - I stopped doing this for a while, but it's very useful, at least for me.

5.  Horse health page, organized by topic (including nutrition and hoofcare), with links to some of my posts as well as outside resources - I'm not a vet and don't purport to be an expert, but maybe some of my experiences and learning (gained the hard way) might benefit someone else.

6.  Horse color genetics page, with links.

7.  In search of softness page, with basic exercises (I'm not a trainer, but hope some of my learning will help others).

8.  EPM page - I'm hoping we're all done with that, but I plan to leave this page up as a resource.

Pages do allow comments, so I'm hoping people will be interested in commenting there.

It's hard to know what readers are interested in - I get very few comments.  Let me know if you have other ideas - what topics interest you most?  Least? Every horse blog/blogger is different, but let me know if there topics/ways of presenting material that would interest you.  (I know I need more pictures/videos . . . but finding the time/assistance to do those is hard . . .)


  1. I think it's a good idea for organization purposes. Actually, I was thinking of doing something like this myself but haven't had the time. It's a time saver for anyone who wants to look up something they're interested in without having to search through the archives. I once put the cloud on the side with topics/labels of posts but it just took up too much space. I like to keep the live post page clean and uncluttered. It may take you a while but I think it's a good idea.

  2. The organization sounds good to me. I understand the comment about is anyone reading. The old comedy show, 'WKRP In Cincinnati' had a great clip where Johnny Fever had to work the night show. He said he had the the same question all night DJ's have, "Is anybody out there?"


  3. Have fun keeping them all up to date! That would be hardest for me to try and keep all pages current, I hardly have the time to maintain my one page!

  4. The organization sounds good to me - you have a lot of informative posts, so it might be easier to find them with tabs on the top. I'd be interested in re-reading the health stuff, Mark Rashid and the softening exercises, for sure - oh and books too. The EPM would probably really help someone out - I hope I never have to refer to it myself, but you just never know.

  5. I'm here! I'm reading! You didn't see my head nod in agreement to things you said? You didn't hear my thoughts when I was reading all of your posts? Oh... I guess I must make my thinking a bit louder!
    I love your organization ideas. I do, or I should say, 'have' visited a lot of your posts concerning softness and quite a few others that seem pertinent. Although I haven't had to worry about EPM, I read your original posts in horror, and then when a friend was commenting on it, I reread some of them and sent links to her.
    Your pages are a great resource!

  6. I like the idea. It makes everything easy to find and look very neat.
    I am a consistent reader, but not commenter. I do learn a ton from you as you share your experiences with your horses, but I don't feel that I can contribute much with my limited experience. I love the softness posts and I want to strive for that with my horse, but she is going through some training right now (and the 100 degree with is not cooperating!).

  7. How about a "Best Advice to new Riders" Tab. Like a "this is what I would tell you if you approached me about what you needed to know starting out." Just an idea.

    1. Emme - that's a good idea, and maybe for a post of its own, that could then be included somewhere as a reference. It's been many, many years since I was a new rider - I learned as a small child - but it would be good if I could steer people away from some traps and towards some ways to approach things.

    2. Exactly. And I am sure the comment section to such a post would be a great resource for a very informative tab. Just a what to buy first list would be super.

  8. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and f=read regularly, though I have fallen bvy the wayside with commneting often because I am so busy these days , I hope to get back and never seem to do it . The pages sound like a great idea, then at least for me I can find a post I was particularly interested in or wanted to commment /ask a question by topic

  9. Nice idea.

    Hard to tell how many people might be visiting as many people seem to read blogs and not comment. Personally, I think letting the blogger know you've dropped by is polite and I certainly know people love feedback.

  10. My bet is that there are more people reading than you think. I enjoy your posts, and have learned a lot of things. I've pointed other people, both in blogland and on facebook to your blog. Most especially your trials with EPM.

    Your thoughts on re-organizing is awesome. I do agree that having multiple pages to keep updated gets a bit old.

  11. I'm reading! I got here via Mugwump somehow-2 or 3 steps I think-I saw a heading for Mark Rashid. I suspect you're the one who mentioned him in a clinics post at Mugs too. Anyway I'd read some of his books in electronic lumps, then read your clinic posts. And I've been slowly making my way through other posting. 'Softness' is making me think and re-examine things currently.

    A heading for recommended books would be good. Other than that I'll go with whatever turns up.

    Thanks for all the thought provoking posts.

  12. I like the idea! That way all of those interesting posts are a bit more front and center where they otherwise might be missed in all of the scrolling down the sidebar.

    I know since I started reading blogs through the Google Reader on my phone I don't comment nearly as much as I used to (or would like to). I find myself reading a blog entry and thinking to myself I really need to comment on that when I get back to my computer and inevitably end up totally forgetting. They really need to make it easier to comment directly from the reader!

  13. I like your pages idea and the organization of them makes sense. I think it will be easier than scrolling down your sidebar. I enjoy reading your blog although I'm not a prolific commenter. I love reading about your daily interactions with the three horses, about their personality quirks, your challenges and how you work through them. I find your approach refreshingly honest and humble. I like horse people who are focused on the good of the horse, on communication and on harmony. Show stats don't impress me. So, I love when you come across something that puzzles you, or frustrates you, and the process you share for the solution. You don't shy away from the work involved, or the time, to do it right.

  14. I think it's a fantastic idea! I think it will make it easier for your readers to find what they are looking for. I love reading your post especially on softness because that is what I am working on with Chance right now, and you explain it all in a way that makes sense!!

  15. I always mean to do something like this, but then I get sidetracked. If I copy your new style, I hope you realize it's the most sincere form of flattery :D.

    As far as comments go, I don't always comment because I usually don't have anything to add. You've got it covered! I use the Blogger Stats to figure out what topics were more popular (had more hits). I do try to organize things according to keywords (Blogger Stats helps with that, too), but I'm not always good at that, either!

  16. Your ideas are great and you have lots of experience and advice to share. Tabs would help readers find past topics more easily and keep up with current one. I'm still around and still reading, but not able to read and post as much as I'd like. Work and horses and chores consume most of the day. So anything that makes reading blogs easier and less time consuming is appreciated. So many blogs, so little time. :-)


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