Friday, August 24, 2012

Dawn, Pie and Red Photo Spam

As promised, photos of the crew.  I used my new iPad, and I can't say it was altogether a great photo shoot experience.  The iPad is difficult to use as a camera - hard to hold up and see what you're getting - but it might work better as a video camera, but I don't know.

Anyway, after a lot of cropping and editing, I got at least a few photos that are useable.  So here goes . . .

The only good photo I got of Dawn - she was surprised to see me and even more surprised to see me holding up an odd rectangular object:

A couple of pictures of Pie grazing:

Red grazing, with a flipping up tail:

Red demonstrating how flexible a horse neck can be:

Pie again:

The two boys together - this shows the differences in their builds and colors (somewhat - the exposures don't really show the contrast - Red is a deeper and brighter red than Pie, whose color is also fairly rich) - Red is in front and Pie is in back:

Red trotting in from turnout:

And airborne Pie trotting in down the hill:

* * * * * *
It was a good day with horses - I rode all three.  Dawn coped well in the morning - she still cannot tolerate being on cross ties in the barn aisle if no other horses are around, but she did very well otherwise and in our ridden work.  We ended up with a walk around in the mare pasture.  She's definitely in heat, based on her interactions with a gelding who's in a paddock next to the pasture - she's still in the squeal and strike phase.

Red and I had a nice walk and trot session, where we did about 3 minutes total of trotting, and then finished with my leading him on pasture patrol around the (empty) mares' pasture.  Pie and I did a nice pasture ride with two other boarders and then did a bit of arena work at walk, trot and canter using cones.  A good day with horses, indeed!


  1. Your horses look gorgeous and fit. The pastures are beautiful...what a place.

  2. Dawn looks singularly unamused by the camera ! I do love a red horse, I presume red is more of a coppery color than Pie?

    1. Most people would think Pie was fairly coppery - in fact he has a full brother whose name is Copper! But Red is even a deeper, richer red. He's also got an unusual mane and tail combo - his tail is darker than his body color but his mane is lighter and mixed with lighter hairs, even some white ones. Red also has white hairs scattered around on the top and sides of his torso - none elsewhere on his body.

  3. I love when horses itch their own sides, or even hocks. Laz however, can NOT do it. Poor guy, despite our continued massage and chiro work, he just can't reach. I think he actually has an oddly short neck too. Pictures are great. Dawn really is a beauty! Pie looks like a little baby face and Red looks very intelligent.

  4. Your iPad and your editing made for some beautiful pictures.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  5. So happy that Red is getting back in action! Jason has an iPad and he found photos/videos awkward on it at first but now he seems to like it a lot better for those functions.

    BTW I think Pie and Red both have such deep, rich coloring.


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