Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dawn Starts to Thaw, Red is Sound and Pie is Very, Very Good

It was another very good day with horses - have to love every one of those I get.

I worked with Dawn in the morning.  Things were beginning to improve - I think she's beginning to get over my daughter leaving - it's been about 10 days.  Her demeanor on the cross ties (by herself in the barn aisle with no horses in) was back to normal - she stood there while I groomed and didn't fidget and fuss.  And she even did some nose-resting - she didn't ask for it but when I asked her if she would do it she agreed.  We did that for a long time, and I told her that I missed my daughter too and understood how she felt.  That seemed to help.  Saddling was uneventful - no pinned ears or unhappiness.  We rode in the arena by ourselves, and she was completely willing, although not completely relaxed.  I was delighted with how well she was doing and didn't ride too long.  I turned her out and she walked off happily.  She seemed a bit sad in her stall this evening, but I think things are slowly thawing . . .

Red did very well in his ridden session today.  We did some more trot work after a long walk warm up - only trotting in straight lines although he was volunteering to go around the corners for the first time - and he was completely sound and moving beautifully, with his lovely, flowing, engaged trot.  We only added a minute or two of trotting to our regime, although he felt like he wanted to go on all day.  It's such a delight to ride him - his gaits are exceptional, and with his new work ethic and desire to please, there's a lot of good things in our future . . .

Pie and I also had a very nice ride.  We worked in the arena, using cones.  We did a lot of transitions, and shortening and lengthening at the trot, and serpentines in short trot and diagonals and long sides in big trot.  I did a fair amount of sitting trot, and it felt a lot better - Pie's trot can be hard and rough, but because he was carrying himself with softness, it felt very good and I was able to sit and let my back move.  At the end, I had him stand and walked all over the arena to pick up the cones - he stood beautifully - what a good Pie.  He had a sore spot on the point of his right shoulder - I noticed this during grooming and it may have been a glancing kick blow - so I rubbed in some arnica lotion (Sore No More gel) after our ride and he seemed to appreciate it.


  1. I'm so happy that Dawn is beginning to thaw -- for both of you. I am sure that talking to Dawn about missing your daughter helped. They understand so much more than we realize.

  2. Agree, good post, and good to hear everyone is getting along, well almost!

  3. Love the Norman story referenced above. What a character he is! *lol*

    Good news indeed about both Dawn and Red. Seems you are well back on track with both of them.

    As for Pie...practically perfect in every way. Gotta love a solid horse like he is.


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