Monday, August 20, 2012

Proud of Red!

I am very proud of Red - we had a huge thunderstorm today, with lots of very loud and scary lightening - it even set off the fire alarm system in the barn (which, thankfully, has only flashing lights and no sirens) and absolutely torrential rainfall with huge wind.  Red and I were in the indoor at the time - I don't think he's ever been in the indoor with me when it's raining and it gets pretty loud with the rain on the roof - with the deluge it was a roar, and also very dark, and the wind and rain were really blowing in the doors.  We had set some cones in preparation for riding (we never got to that due to the weather - I was sorry about that as I've got some major dental work coming up tomorrow and there will be no riding), and we were doing some leading.  He did very, very well - he stayed with me and was able to follow my cues - one big startle/leap with a big lightening bolt but he came right back to me.  We led up and down the barn aisles in the worst of it so he could see the other horses.  I was very, very proud of him, and told him so!


  1. What a good boy, and what a tribute to you that he was confident enough in your handling not to panic for more than a moment. You have truly started to win his trust! Quite a change from the horse he was when you first got him. *S*


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