Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Grazing Horse Photos, and More Lead Changes

It was a beautiful morning, and I was at the barn early so decided to walk out and take some photos before riding Dawn.  First I walked out to where the boys were grazing - that's Pie on the left and Red in the center:

Pie on the left, Red on the right:

I love taking pictures of horse butts - Red closest to the camera and Pie behind him:

Red, busily eating grass:

Red, interested in what I was doing but eating is important too:

Pie, standing on a slight uphill slope:

Sweet Pie face:

Another horse butt - this time Dawn's:

Dawn is curious but still chewing:

Dawn - I worry about those too-long hind pasterns but so far (knock on wood and anything else available) they haven't given us any trouble:

Love the expression of concentration and the wrinkled muzzle:

Dawn and I had a really lovely ride today.  We rode in the outdoor arena and in the mares' pasture.  Lots of really nice, relaxed, trot and canter work.  And more lead changes - if I even let the thought/feel picture of a lead change cross my mind - bam! lead change.  Just for fun, and as an experiment, I tried doing two lead changes in a row after two canter strides - bam! two strides, bam! - in both directions on the straight side of the arena.  All these changes were done using "deep feel" I described in this earlier post: "think the way the horse itself would feel on one lead and then switch mentally to the feel the horse itself would have on the other". She seemed to be having fun with it, and I was doing a lot of laughing with delight.  The third time I asked for two lead changes in a row, she did the first one and then struggled for a stride with the second and then did a big buck instead - I think she was telling me that she was too strung out to do the change properly and that I should please wait to ask when she was in a position to do it properly - I laughed and told her that her correction of my improper technique was duly noted.  We took a break, and did some nice trotting and cantering around in the pasture - with one more lead change just for fun!

Beautiful day, beautiful horses - what more could I ask for?


  1. Beautiful pics! I love seeing horses out grazing. The boys were cute watching you with one eye, but still chomping away on the grass.

    Great news on your ride with Dawn!

  2. Indeed!!! What more could anyone ask for? I laughed with delight just reading your post and picturing your lovely I can only imagine your pleasure! *sigh* Beautiful. I am so jealous.

  3. Doesn't everyone look fantastic?!

    Those lead changes sound awesome (well, except maybe the buck one lol)! I think lead changes are one of those things that are so easy to over think (and Dee likes to let me know in spectacular fashion when I do). Things have really come along so well with Dawn! What a great ride.

  4. *sigh* it's so... green there. we are nothing but brown, light brown, dark brown, heavy brown and empty brown.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. Great pics. I love watching horses graze. They are so content.

    Tempis can be a bit challenging both for balance and strength, so Dawn may well, as you suggest have been just struggling a little the second time, especially if one lead is easier for her.

    However, I do think she is having fun taking on some of the more difficult work. She's the kind of horse that needs to keep her brain working along with her body. Glad you two are having such a good time together.

  6. You need to ask the (long suffering) husband to take some video for all of us!!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    Harley will change leads in much the same way, although he likes to be the one to chose when he gets to do it, so I have been working on him listening to my inner requests not to change. I am very happy with how quiet and patient he has become. I cannot wait to ask for the first change in two months and see if he remembers all the waiting work that we did this summer. You are really tempting me with these beautiful Dawn posts!

  8. Kate, Your lead changes tips, and the earlier post about it, sound wonderful and magical! To think it, and feel it and have the horse do it - too wonderful! Thank you for writing about it, and inspiring me!

  9. What a lovely looking and sounding day! Love the photos - pie is gorgeous!

  10. Kate,
    Love the photos of your horses - you take great photographs! They are very intent on that wonderful grass (couldn't see the photos on my home computer, but here at work I can see them...). Also, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I am really going to work on that!

    1. very beautiful horse. nice angles as well. I also came this site last time with nice horse photos.


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