Friday, September 7, 2012

Pie Feels Much Better

I'm happy to report that Pie is feeling much better after his chiro treatment yesterday.  Instead of the crabby, glaring, ears pinned, threatening to bite horse I had the day before, he greeted me in his stall today with his ears up and a pleasant expression on his face - what a change - he obviously was feeling good again.  We had a lovely ride and he was happy to move and his movement was much better.  I need to keep an eye on him and be sure to get him some chiro right away whenever he shows unusual crabbiness.  My vet/chiropractor also showed me some muscle massages to do in areas where he'd been sore, and he seemed to enjoy those today.


  1. Took me a while to clue in on my PJ with the need for chiro/acupuncture too, so I understand completely. Pie will be quite honest with you once he realizes you are going to respond to his needs.

  2. It's great that your horses trust you enough to communicate with you. I've seen horses who've been "ignored" by their owners for years (who have tried to show that they're not feeling well or have an injury) and it's heartbreaking to see how "closed off" they are around people.

  3. You must be very good in caring your Pie. I am glad that he's back in good form again and that you're having a fun ride with Pie again. And I never thought chiropractic can be done to animals, too.

    1. betty - I never used to believe in chiro for horses until I saw the huge difference it could make. I've also learned to listen to my horses, who feel safe in telling me when they hurt.


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