Monday, November 12, 2012

Freezing Day with the Chiropractor

It was unusually warm for two days - temperatures in the 60sF - but last night the temperature dropped abruptly and today we're in the mid-30sF with a howling wind - brrr!

Today we had the chiropractor - all three horses were worked on.  I tried to take some pictures, but the low light mostly defeated me.  But here are a couple showing how much Dawn (the bay in the first three pictures) and Pie (the chestnut in the last picture) enjoyed their sessions:

I didn't get any photos of Red - I had to hold him as he was fidgety and nervous.  He did need some work on his hindquarters, but otherwise was in good shape.  Dawn and Pie both needed quite a bit of work.  Both were very demonstrative, both when things were sore and also when they got good releases - at the end Pie was lolling his tongue and giving huge yawns.  I've found that good chiro work makes a huge difference to how my horses feel, and how they're able to go for me.


  1. lovely pictures glad to hear that pie was chilling :")

  2. we had our chiropractor vet out a little over two weeks ago. At one point I though Sugar was going to go to sleep she felt so good.


  3. As usual, whatever weather you have today...we get tomorrow. 60s down to 30s and blankets.

  4. great to have all three sorted out. I like my horse chiro and the horse seems to like it too...

    I'm always worried when I read that you are having bad/cold weather - we always seem to get it a day or two after you! :-S It was almost 70 here yesterday and much cooler today...

  5. Love to see the happy/relaxed look.


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