Friday, November 23, 2012

In Which Pie Makes His Ears Disappear

I took a number of pictures on Thanksgiving - it was warm and sunny.  Dawn was surprised to see me:

Pie was eating and looked over at me:

He decided to move to another bale, and was pretty determined to claim some space:

Momentary ears up:

Target in sight:

Still contemplating action:

Disappearing ears:

Red was on another bale and looked up to see what I was doing:

He continued eating for a moment:

But then he had to come join us:

Pretty soon, he and Pie had a bale to themselves!

Happy horses!


  1. Cute pictures! I love watching the horses and their body language. Pie sure can pin his ears!

    The 2nd last pic is great with both of them buried in their hay. :-)

  2. I hope they had a nice day of rest on Thanksgiving. They had plenty of hay, anyway!

  3. I love the last two shots, with all of the horses in the background, and two horses loving the hay!

  4. Great photos! I like the look of your hay feeders, what material are they made from?

    1. I'm at a boarding barn, so I don't know where they got them - they seem to be made of some heavy-duty plastic or rubber - they're just a ring that sits on the ground so they're easy to move around.

  5. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Dan

  6. Great character pics, once again. It surely looks as if the herd has plenty to eat, even if sharing is not exactly on Pie's agenda.

  7. It looks like a very nice place.

  8. Such a conversation they can have in just the turn of an ear. Great pictures.

  9. Pie controls the others the same way my Belle does; a look, an ear pinning, a tail swish; she's the boss!

  10. I just love some pissy ears!! It is so hard to take them seriously when those ears disapear. It just makes me want to kiss them. Those horses look to be in heaven with faces buried in food. I wish all horses could be so lucky.


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